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Permaculture Design Certificate Course 2018 – Finca Vida Verde, Vilcabamba

January 27, 2018 all-day

Get certified in Permaculture in the legendary “valley of longevity” –Vilcabamba, in a course that integrates Andino indigenous traditions with the most current trends in Permaculture. This course is for people who want to learn to design for sustainability, and create integrated holistic designs that produce on-going high yields. For your garden or farm, but also for your non-profit organization, business or social group.

Zia Parker, with 25 years of PC experience ranging from Equatorial Guinea (W. Africa) to the Navajo and Arapaho peoples of North America’s plains and desert, and beyond, is the team coordinator and primary teacher. Together with her husband, Roshni McEldowney, both with their twin careers in sustainable agriculture and human movement expression, will guide us to connect with our senses to the world around us, amplifying our observation skills exponentially.

Dates: January, 27th – February 8th 2018
Cost: Sliding scale
Contact: Zia Parker
TEL: +593 (0) 98 988 7085

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  • Phone: 00 44 7879604377
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