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Thai Food and Chef Yasu: A Prefect Match for Dinner This Sunday

September 24, 2017 all-day

Chef Yasu continues to display an unheralded talent for being able to master any cuisine! And this week he wants to WOW you with a Thai tasting menu.

This won’t be like any other Thai food you’ve ever eaten. Chef Yasu’s love for his craft and his commitment to excellence means you’ll be tasting everything with his own special style and homemade sauces, dumplings, cures and spices. This will be all about flavor!

So hurry and make you’re reservations now, because before we even announced the menu for this week the event had already been booked half-full! If you love Thai food, give yourself the chance to taste it at it’s best!


RESERVATIONS REQUIRED – Fixed-price-menu of $30.00 + IVA

Call to reserve at 0989358169 or email:

Or book in person at The Vegetable Bar, 3 de Noviembre and Jacaranda (1 block before Hotel Oro Verde)

  • Name: Michael
  • Phone: 0989358 169
  • Email: