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The OASIS Garden Center Grand Opening

September 15, 2018 all-day

Join us for our grand opening, 8am-noon, at our garden center at 2-99 27 de Febrero, near the redondel of 10 de Agosto and Paucarbamba (Etapa office); if coming by bus take the #16, gettingg off at Francisco Moscoso amd 27 de Febrero. We feature a selection of established perennials including canna lily, calla lily, agapanthus lily, iris and dahlia. We also specialize in producing heirloom vegetable seeds, with many varieties of tomato, pepper, beans, and greens. Our newest addition to our garden business is the production of 80 varieties of flowering plants from the USA, both annual and perennial. And we offer a special service to clients helping them shop for plants, pots, soil, etc. We custom make garden/potting soil to your specifications. We offer delivery of our products to your home.
All of our plants are featured in containers, so you can see how they can be grown on your deck, patio or terrace.
We will have regular hours each Saturday and other days by appointment.
Phone number for the center: 288-5400; write to our email address with your specific questions about our products or our services.
Thank you!

  • Name: Louis Bourgeois
  • Phone: 288-5400
  • Email:
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