August 15, 2020 all-day

A guest at our most recent open house shared, “This is by far the most beautiful piece of land I have ever seen.” The guest has traveled extensively and has lived in many countries, including the USA, so it was a high compliment. Our open houses offer guests a chance to explore our eco resort, perhaps examine the opportunity to live here as a member of our Conscious Living Community, or simply enjoy a day in paradise. Lunch and shuttle service is offered to those interested. $5pp for the shuttle and $8-12 for the 3-course luncheon. Menu and further details available on request. Please write to us at our email address or via a whatsapp message….no phone calls please. My wife is Cuencana and though she has great english she doesn’t enjoy playing my social secretary!
The bus service to Jadan has recently been restarted; so this is also an option for your visit. Your are welcome to spend all or part of the day visiting our beautiful resort.

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