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What will happen when your retirement disappears?

December 14, 2018 all-day

Community gathering December 14th 4:00 PM
You worked your whole life to enjoy these years. Be sure you can continue.

Our retirement funds are going bye bye and few are informed or even talking about this. Pensions are dwindling and there are few safe havens to grow wealth at this moment. We are being told that when the current fiat system transitions millions will lose most of their savings. What do we do?
A good friend of many years showed me a program that provides a place to grow my wealth that is unique. She brought Bitclub into my life. I, like most of you, have cooled to buying cryptos due to the manipulation of its ups and downs by the big money guys. As I explored ‘Bitcoin Club’ I found a hedge against all these ups and downs that can grow my money outside the current corrupt tottering house of cards  fiat currency system. Sue and I are coming to Cuenca to present Bitclub to you next week on December 14th. You are invited to join us for a free gathering to explore this opportunity amongst our community here in Ecuador. Join us for a lively fun explorative evening of sharing caring and learning together.
Here was my last meeting for you to explore.

Interesting? Would you like to join us live on:

December 14th 4:00 PM
Cuenca, Ecuador
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Sara Chaca (Attorney - Abogada) is a seasoned Ecuadorian Lawyer, who principally serves Expats in making their moves to Ecuador, as well as for any legal issues that arise or become actionable for her Expat clients to undertake in their new lives here in her beautiful country. Sara resides in Cuenca with her family, which consists of her American husband and 2 daughters (as well as her parents and siblings), and when not working, she enjoys spending time with her family in Cuenca’s majestic Cajas Mountains and local parks & fairs of Cuenca, plus visiting the coast as well as the many gem towns of Ecuador. Sara’s personal email address is, and her personal cell phone number is 099.296.2065. Sara has a less than 24 hour first response policy, in that if you email or call her, she WILL return your first email or first phone call in less than 24 hours (more typically closer to 24 minutes). Most importantly, all first time consultations with Expats for any type Visa or Legal matter(s) are always FREE OF CHARGE.