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Young Living Farm and Rejuvenation Spa Tour

January 26, 2018 all-day

Essential oils have been used since ancient Egypt and early India for healing maladies and for sacred healing ceremonies. Very positive changes in one’s health can be achieved with high frequency essential oils. They alter your vibrational state in physical, emotional and mental realms to affect your vitality and radiance. These oils are all-natural extractions that we will see, smell, touch, and taste during our tour.

If you are interested in visiting Young Living Farm, Friday, January 26th, 6 AM to 9 PM, send a message to email or via whatsapp 099 807 9999. the cost is $35 (includes transportation to the farm and a lunch special)

For more information, join us Tuesday, January 23rd at 11 AM to know more about essential oils and for more details about the tour. El Tokte: Gran Colombia 993 y Padre Aguirre,

January 23rd, from 11 AM to noon, $35, Gran Colombia 9-93 y Padre Aguirre, Cuenca.

  • Name: El Tokte
  • Phone: 099 807 9999
  • Email: