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Ex-foreign minister says it is likely that the UK will extradite Julian Assange to the U.S.

Former Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said that the United Kingdom would most likely extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States because the recent decision of a Swedish court not to arrest the whistleblower in absentia on rape charges was likely aimed at facilitating the extradition.

Ricardo Patiño

“I think that now his extradition is the most likely scenario. Assange is now at great risk because President Lenin Moreno has betrayed his people. This is the risk of being extradited to the United States, and the reason behind the decision of the Swedish justice system not to hold him [Assange] accountable is to make it easier for the United Kingdom to send him to the United States,” Patiño said.

According to the former top diplomat, Moreno has violated international law on asylum and human rights signed by Ecuador by terminating Assange’s political asylum and handing him over to UK police.

The former foreign minister believes that Moreno understands that he does not stand a chance to be re-elected as president, but Washington has already promised to ensure a quite future for him in the United States.

Patiño is himself a fugitive from justice having fled Ecuador in April and currently living in Mexico. He is charged with attempting to incite violence.

Assange is serving 50 weeks in a London jail for violating his bail conditions in 2012, when he took refuge inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden on sexual assault charges. The whistleblower was arrested in the UK capital on April 11 after Ecuador deprived him of his asylum protection and let UK police officers detain Assange right inside the embassy.

U.S. authorities are now striving to obtain Assange’s extradition to the United States, where he is wanted for the 2010 leaks of classified government data and has already been indicted on 18 charges bearing an up to 175-year prison term. The first hearing on the U.S. extradition request is set to be held on Friday.

Sexual charges in Sweden were initially dropped a few years back, but the case was reopened in May after Assange’s arrest. Last week, a Swedish court refused, however, to uphold the prosecution’s request to arrest the WikiLeaks founder in absentia as part of the investigation.

Source: RIA Novosti

44 thoughts on “Ex-foreign minister says it is likely that the UK will extradite Julian Assange to the U.S.

  1. Russian news agencies seem to get all the good interviews with Correistas. Isn’t it rich that Putin has such an affinity for them? Hint: It has to do with the fact they are the enemies of western democracies. The expats who supported Correa and the continuation of his corrupt regime, which was most who were eligible, should exchange their U.S. passports for Russian passports. The fact they were crying about Russian meddling in the U.S. elections at their political meetings is beyond hypocritical.

    1. I don’t understand. Are you trying to say that you see a difference between Russia and the United States? The desire to have US elections meddled with is something Putin and Trump have in common.

  2. With Russian passport you will never be given by Russian authorities to slaughter to likes of UK police. Ecuador on the other hand? make your own judgement.

    1. Moreno is just like a common Pimp giving up Assange for a lot of money. The disgusting greedy Moreno has sold his soul. He’s a real disgrace to Ecuador!

      1. You got that right! Ecuador was so attractive to us because of their strong stand against US interference but no more. Look out- it will become the next Venezuela- get it—- OIL- they have no interest in any country that does not have it and will do anything to get control of a country that does- just think about it…….all of the genocides that have gone on but they have no interest in those countries unless they have oil- They start with the embargoes to weaken the current government if they don’t tow the line- and gradually try to break them and then bring in their PLANT “Moreno” who is a US puppet and will do their bidding.

      2. Moreno said. “My view broadened.” Moreno made a political leap when he attended Maduro’s presidential inauguration in Venezuela that year. Moreno said “I saw that these people actually didn’t produce anything,” he says. “I said to myself, This isn’t going to happen to us. I won’t allow Ecuador to become a failed society, a failed state.” This is from the article on June 2.

        Lets hope Moreno has learned from the big mistakes Chavez and Maduro made in Venezuela

    2. Am I understanding you correctly that you think that having a Russian passport is a better option. Russia has a history of killing and suppressing its citizens. Heck. Putin is an ex KGB hitman. Hitmen don’t usually have the same sense of right and wrong than most people do. They kill for money and have no qualms doing it. So therefore when you have an egotistical leader of a communist party that was an ex hitman with no remorse then that surely is friggin scary. When Correa, Patino and his people decided that they would align them selves with this type of behavour and this man and his politics then it is a darn good thing that Correa and Patino are no longer in politics.

      1. Its always advisable to have at least 2 passports to have a plan B. You probably forgot how USA round up its own CITIZENS of Japanese descent and sent them to death camps. So much different from Hitler?

        1. There is no comparison to Hitler sending the Jews to the death chambers and this statement only minimizes the atrocities the Jews went though.

          Were there unnecessary deaths during wars? Yes Absolutely. Japanese internment camps (from 1942 to 1945) were established during World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt and were made because people became paranoid that Japanese-Americans would help Japan against the United States after the Pearl Harbor attack.

          The intent in these 2 cases were different. Hitlers intent was to kill them as soon as they passed through the gates. The United States intent was to jail them until the war was over.

          Lets not stretch history to win arguments.

          1. Actually, no. The original intent of the camps in Europe was the same. In the beginning, only the communists were killed immediately upon capture. Jews were considered a security risk to the war effort and so were put in concentration camps. The killing didn’t start until several years into the war when the Germans stopped winning. It went into full gear after the Germans got turned back at Stalingrad and began their steady fighting retreat to Berlin.

            Let’s not stretch history to win arguments.

      2. Ah…er… Esmeralda. The United States has a longer and more pognant reputation, historically and currently, “of killing and suppressing its citizens”, blacks, browns, irish, Italians, the poor, women and more recently, the middle class and journalists. So you can’t be serious. Both countries give me the shivers.

        1. When I compare Russia where the citizens needed permission to travel from one end of the country to another and where they needed permission to leave the country and compare it to the United States where one can come and go as they please and can travel from one end of the country to another without needing permission is the reason I feel United States has a lot more freedom. I have yet to hear of the United States jailing their citizens because they went from New Your to California without permission like Russia has done.

          I speak more on suppression than racism which all countries have a racisim components and some more than others. Of all the countries we have traveled United States and Canada give us the least amount of shivers. I can not imagine living in Russia as that gives me the shivers and so does Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea. Visiting Cuba was OK but I can not imagine living there and fearing the government the way their citizens do.

          1. You’re comparing the Soviet Union that stopped existing 30 years ago with the United States of today. It’s a very disingenuous argument. There was in fact a time when people in the US could be killed or tortured for just leaving their owner’s property without permission. For a century after that, they were hanged in the public square for being in the wrong part of town. Your lame attempt to write off centuries of brutal oppression because “all countries have a racism component” is disgusting.

      3. Russia has a history of killing and suppressing its citizens.

        And the US doesn’t?

  3. Great news! Extradite this criminal to the United States, try him, and then lock him up!!

        1. (shiver) No wonder they want to persecute him.

          Welcome back Jason. Hope your holiday was restful.

          1. Hardly restful. You try keeping up with an 11-year-old while climbing over volcanoes, kayaking and snorkeling with penguins. This getting old stuff is definitely not for sissies.

  4. The 1972 Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service in journalism was awarded to The New York Times for publication of the Pentagon Papers, classified as top secret by the US Defense Department. Forty-seven years later, for the same “meritorious public service”, Juiian Assange is a dead man walking. Putting him on the witness stand in his own defense will only allow him the opportunity to compound his real offense, exposing US war crimes. He has already been tried, convicted, and sentenced without due process, and it serves his persecutors no practical purpose to prolong their embarrassment by actually giving him his day in court. Celebrate his passing if you like, but consider taking just a moment to mourn the death of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution.

    1. We need to also remember the young men and women that served in the military that Assange put at risk by publishing the war strategies, diagrams of military bases and giving aid to the enemy. I personally cringed and worried about our safety when I saw that published and we don’t need that information to be made public.

      1. Does your concern stretch to include the 4,424 US soldiers that died in Iraq, or the 31,952 wounded (source: US Dept. of Defense), or the deaths of more than half a million civilians resulting from a war based on lies? How many of those might have been saved if the truth had been made public prior to “Shock and Awe”, and how many more will be placed at risk if those who expose the truth become criminals? “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

      2. He didn’t publish any war strategies, diagrams of military bases or anything of the like. You didn’t cringe or worry because you never saw that published. You literally made it up. You’re making that up because you need to justify imprisoning a journalist for reporting the truth.

        1. If you have a little chat with the military that served and most of them will tell you that Assange put them in danger. To tell me I made this up is cruel. Degrading people is disrespectful and dishonorable.

    2. Pulitzer,
      who Hearst copied, was yellow journalism. Fake news of its day. Nobel
      manufactured explosives for selling to warring govgangsterstates. Blood money,
      blood diamonds, blood prizes. Posthumous awards are off the hook. Those who
      have spurned these awards, as well as other “lesser” ones (academy awards, etc)
      are the award worthy ones.

      1. Quite a stretch from bona fide government files to yellow journalism; but even so, show us where the First Amendment makes that distinction. I always thought it was up to the audience, not the government.

        1. Point first is that the etiology of these “awards” is germane. The
          dirty bastards that paid for a shinier posterity – their immortality

          projects (Ernest Becker – posthumous — so as said, off the hook) — is germane.

          Further, no decent person, or organization, would accept these “awards.” Sure a lot who do accept are ignorant, but most of them would still accept even after being told this stuff causes

          cancer, & spreads it. Short time preferences prevail & Wimpy’ll
          gladly pay next Tuesday for a steroidburger right now.

          False premise – missing point firsts – enablesbegets metastasis. And then typically curvefit-apologizes for it. Heads “they” win, tails “you” lose. It takes two, obversereverse, to fiat coin.

          Quite a stretch to bonafide governments. But yellow (not blond) does figure prominently.

          “Almost all the governments which exist at present, or of which remains any record in story, have been founded originally, either on usurpation or conquest, or both, without any pretence of a fair consent or voluntary subjection of the people.” ~ David Hume

          “I used the word ‘state’: it is obvious who is meant by this–some pack of blond beasts of prey, a conqueror and master race which, organized for war and with the ability to organize, unhesitatingly lays its terrible claws upon a populace perhaps tremendously superior in numbers but still formless and nomad. That is after all how the ‘state’ began on earth: I think that sentimentalism which would have it begin with a ‘contract’ has been disposed of.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

          The Federalist Papers were yellowJ before the term was invented. Good cop thesis, bad cop antithesis, sin•thesis.

          Pres(byopia)#2, Adams: Alien & Sedition Acts.

          There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup & the lip…& all it ever takes is a bit of magic word lip to slip the rigged fix in. “Amendments”

          were soothing good cop words, nothing more.

          And blowin’ the truthwhistle is more often than not Gabriel Jerichoizing himself.

          And the wall rubble “audience” is the awed clay footings of “the government.”

          Bill of rights iswas a bill of goods, a bill of attainder hiding in plain sight disguise: rights aren’t civil, accorded & defended by

          govgangsters, they are inherent, inalienable, & words at best can only describe them.

          But paper chains are what paper wasps build piñata hives out of – cuz there’s gold in them thar shills, them drones & soldiers slaves.

          Pentagram papers proves something different?

          Like a meteorologist proves rain…& like I need a geo meteoro to get me from here to there: it’s reigning.

          Each dice roll is discrete & a lot of people don’t believe it.
          Each govgangsterstate slice & dice – including the attending soup du journalism — is connected & a lot of people don’t believe it. The “branches” & the “4th estate” do not compete anymore than the goodbad cops do. Fake: news & competition. Iron pyrite stars for everybody.



          Rubes & their Robespierres:
          Say she’s
          got no future
          And never made no past
          Something hurt that Ruby
          Something she can’t bare

          Network net negative makework…”please, at least leave us rubes alone in our living rooms…”

          “Celebrity precedes criminality. How can you see clearly when you’re looking into the sun? How can an icon be a con?” (Maureen Dowd. But the questions, & the answer, apply to a far
          wider swath than Michael Jackson & pedophilia.)

          More than a hint: “but momma, that’s where the fun is…”

          Mommas weren’t always mommas. Ditto pappas. California dreamin’? Bet your bippy…sunny. And if ol’ sol up in the

          heavens doesn’t {effectively} revolve around the sun that is you & instead you revolve around other “suns” here on earth (including anyall deities, secular & supernatural, invented by groomers), then you’ve been ensorcelled, too.

          What “you can’t cheat an honest woman” means is that cheater & cheated are both in on it. Codependent symbiosis. And organized criminality. But kids? And kids disguised as adults?

          It starts young, at the beginning. Kids are goats that all too often “grow up” to Judas kids. Heads are counted & democratic bean counters slap on the imprimatur “normal.” And it “is”: SNAFU.

          No…whatever gets you thru the night’s not alright, ya’ beetle bug…”whatever” generates a lotta’ darkness…..pogo possum perversity………………

          This bein’ a .44 mag, the most powerful handgun in the world, you gotta’ ask yourself a question: are ya’ Michael Jackson, or are ya’ a 7-year old child, or are ya’ some janusian chimera combo of the two…or an adult?

          Like the manchild said in Leaving Neverland, he {same as lots of people – the vast majority, obviously} – is just a child who got older. Never grew up. Stunted, can’t grow up. He’s trying; if it’s already in there, he might make it – otherwise, not.

          Lord of the Flies takes place on island Earth.

          Thanks for the exercise.

  5. Esmeralda, dear, what scares me more than anything about Americans is that actually beleive the nonsense that they come out with. Their desire to beleive the nonsense is SO strong they don’t even bother to check with a quick google. They just blurt it out. The information you wrote is comes from the cold war times, when Americans were bombarded with anti-Soviet propaganda by their government and media 24/7 for many sad decades. The Cold War ended (though the current US administration and media is trying to make it global now) . You could have told us about Rasputin. Or, if you were gentle, about how they fought back the Nazis and Napoleon.

    I see no benefit in Americans (or anyone) sifting through history and the current world to find uglier regimes. That stuff merely justifies arguments to expel them all from any society, and we are guests here. You have to re-educate yourselves. Your generation was brainwashed and it shows. I will root for you! It took three generations but it (largely) worked on Germany after the war.

    1. History is important to teach us the disadvantages of communism. Soviet Union is a good example of what we do not want in a country. If we don’t look at what history has done we could easily lose our freedom, our democracy, the equality we have been working for. We can not let the communist worm their way into the democratic countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and we certainly don’t want them to convince our young folk that communism is an acceptable government to have.

      1. 5 countries you have named are part of Five Eye agreement. They spy on their own citizens and share data with each other.

      2. Unbelievable. I like you dear, but you have to appreciate that it is very hard to dialogue with someone who relies solely on what they want or are prepared to believe rather than truth. THAT is the central tragedy of the USA.

        You are coming out with the cold war propaganda you were trained to. Everything you “know” is third hand, massaged through a machine that wanted you to hate something you had no experience of. any event it is history. Today there is no enemy of the world called the “Soviet Union”, the enemy is the mind manipulation Americans received in that era.

        And, if you had done a few seconds of research, you would have found that the USA does NOT belong in the democratic club occupied by the UK, Canada, the NZ and Australia (you forgot 16 other countries classified as Full Democracies). The USA has dropped out that category (and continues to do so FAST) It is now considered, by a careful scientific measure as a Flawed Democracy like Ecuador.

        You and other readers here have two options now. You can reject the premise that America and other countries are as you have been taught. Or you can change. Love of country MUST be based on truth.

        1. The United States has nothing to do with what I have learned so this anti US rhetoric is a mute point when it comes to my point of view on communism. I have family members in Russia and Ukraine so I do not dislike the people I just dislike the Russian government philosophy.

          Like I mentioned in previous posts my information is first hand. Talking to the people that were actually there (my grandfather and grandmother, their neighbours, their friends and family) and that is where I get my TRUTH. I do NOT rely on just the internet for information especially ones that are fake stories by the Russian hackers.

          I have heard the word “propaganda” so many times that it got to the point where it only came from the pro communist camp. “Propaganda” was the famous word used by people that did not believe the atrocities of Stalin and the Russians. That was the Russian governments famous word to cover up what actually was occurring there.

          If your ideology is pro communist then why don’t you just admit it rather than sugar coating how depressing and suppressing and cruel Russia was especially to Ukrainians. Heck Putin is still trying to take over Ukraine by moving his tanks into Western Ukraine and taking over Crimea.

            1. Mere details! (sad smile)

              Soviets communists are only gone in reality, not in the American minds, You cannot indoctrinate a population non-stop for two generations and expect the resultant fears to disappear, by themselves in an instant. The “Huns”, the Red Horde”, Castro Cubans, Soviets, Arabs, redskins, blacks and now Latinos. it is the American way, very effective in a society that started with racial and ethnic biases inherited from the British.

              After a while, such a society is naturally constantly at war and armed to the teeth.

          1. I also had relatives in Russia and I have been there, both before and after the fall of the communists. I too deeply disiike their governmental regimes, both before and the current one. BTW, your statement that I am “pro-communist” is childish..and should be beneath you.

            However, I am not beset with the image of manufactured demons that you and so most Americans are. That stuff is SO extreme it can only be produced by mind-training..a common effect of US war propaganda. Have ypou ever reviewed such US state propaganda about other subjects, Nazis and Japanese during the WW2, Iraqis during those wars, Cubans. It gives a better perspective of what they did to you.

            Have you spent ANY time in Russia yourself?

            The central tragedy about Russia is that regardless of the regime, nothing changes, regardless of what you call their government of the moment. They feel tyrants and tyranny are normal. it has been at the core of their souls for 1000s of years. They do not know or expect anything else. Is there a difference between Putin, Stalin, Catherine the Great, Ivan the Terrible? You call the malaise “communism”. I call it Russian.

            Neither the problems of Russia or America can be cured by a mere change in political leaders, or even government type. The problems are inherent in the peoples.

            1. This is the first time I have heard you say anything negative about Soviet Union / Russia / Communism. I am glad to hear that you dislike that type of government regime and am glad to hear that you also have similar stories but I am disappointed that you called me “childish” and said cruel words like “should be beneath you” since we are both saying much the same thing. I don’t I feel that I deserve those harsh words and I wish you would have at least given me some credit for what I learnt from my family. I didn’t make up the stories, I didn’t lie, I didn’t embellish and I didn’t twist the stories. Remember that when you throw stones and say nasty things to people these words in many cases can not be taken back. I personally do not want to get into a pi**ing match with you. Like I said this is the first time I have heard you dislike them and all the comments I have read from you seemed to argue for them, or stick up for them so if you were clearer in your dialogue maybe we wouldn’t be having this animosity and being annoyed at each other as there is no point in that since we are much in the same camp or neighbourhood

      3. History is important to teach everything. However, when you believe Ukrainians were fleeing the Soviet Union in 1900 (17 years before there ever was a Soviet Union) and repeatedly cite that as an example of the “disadvantages of communism”, it shows that you don’t actually know history.

        1. Are you saying my grandfather is lying. I actually saw a copy of the ships log in the archives. So he was telling us the truth

  6. “Patiño is himself a fugitive from justice having fled Ecuador in April
    and currently living in Mexico. He is charged with attempting to incite

    Uhh, no. He hasn’t been charged with anything. They ordered his arrest so that they can “investigate” whether or not he incited violence in a speech he gave at a party rally calling for the people to “resist this government”. There’s nothing to investigate. The speech is on video. They have no plans of ever charging him. They only wanted to arrest him to keep him out of politics. That’s how things work these days. They arrest you to “investigate” you, then never press charges. Ola Bini has been in prison for two months and they have yet to even state that any crime ever took place, let alone that he did it.

    Despite all the arrests in the past year, when was the last time you heard about someone being convicted of anything? This is the new normal. They lock you up and throw away the key. Anyone remember Correa ever doing that?

    1. You just described why Ecuador and the USA are classified in the same grouping on the “Democracy Index”.

      1. At least in the US, they can only hold you for 48 hours without pressing charges. Here they can drag it out for years.

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