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Expat sentenced to preventive detention for kidnapping

A U.S. citizen identified as Jhonathan Matthew P. was sentenced Wednesday to preventive detention in the Turi correctional facility on two counts of kidnapping. The 33-year-old was arrested Tuesday after two Colombian sex workers said they were held against their will in the suspect’s Cuenca apartment.

Jhonathan Matthew P. under arrest.

Judge Willian Sangolquí said preventive detention is required by law in kidnapping cases. The judge did not rule on a drug possession charge against the suspect and said the matter would be addressed at trial. The suspect was found with 200 grams of marijuana and cocaine.

The judge said a trial date has not yet been set.

According the police report, Jhonathan Matthew P. invited the two prostitutes to his apartment on Monday afternoon but refused to let them leave after serving them drinks they say were spiked with drugs. One of the women reportedly escaped through a bedroom room and called police.

Police released a photo of the suspect with a shaved head, wearing a a purple shirt, with his face blacked out. By Ecuadorian law, the last name of arrest suspects can only be represented by the first initial in news media.

13 thoughts on “Expat sentenced to preventive detention for kidnapping

  1. Seriously? Does anyone really believe this is the first time this guy has done this? Thirty days? I hope the judge is tough and gets him off the streets for a very long time.

    1. Whatever happened to the idea of actually proving the facts at a trial? If he’s guilty of some crime(s), fine, penalize him accordingly. But to “hope the judge is tough” is sick and demented.

      1. No….said by a caring female who is incensed at the treatment of women in this world. I hope for toughness IF the guy is guilty. (Is name-calling really called for?)

  2. Let him have his day in court…..kidnapping ?? Why would you need to kidnap prostitutes – doesn’t make sense and with all those drugs sounds like a party. Did he just lock the door and not restrain them. Lots of questions for the the courts to prove.

  3. I believe Cuenca Highlife is inaccurate in their title of this article. Saying he was sentenced to 30 days implies to most English speakers or expats that the case has been adjudicated.

    The defendant has been bound over in what is called preventative detention or pretrial detention. Plus, it appears he has some very serious drug charges that may be filed. His legal troubles are long from being over on the kidnapping charges.

    1. The article clearly says that the sentence was for preventive detention and that the trial would follow. As a former prosecutor in New York I have no problem with it.

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