Festival features urban culture; Only 3 hospitalized for Covid, none in ICU; Gov’t delivers old post office packages; Killa Raymi honors femininity, sowing

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Miércoles, 20/9/2022

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

From martes, 20/9:
Festival de Culturas Urbanas inicia hoy (Urban Cultures Festival starts today) – Tuesday was the start of the Urban Cultures Festival organized by the Alianza Francesa. <I’m guessing the closest most of you got to Urban Culture was driving on the freeway to get through the ghetto as fast as possible.> The program is on their social network sites and events are free to the public. They included a show of urban art from 12 artists at the Alianza, and a talk on “Making street art in Cuenca, an intergenerational dialogue.” On 22/9 from 18:00 there will be the ruta of the murals in the city. A painting by Lady Pink, a rare woman muralist, will be unveiled on the escalinatas in Cuenca a las 15:00 el 1/10. There will be a concert el 24/9 a las 19:00 in the Museo de Arte Moderno. Next week there will be hip hop and breakdance workshops. <Breakdance refers to what happens to the hips of adultos mayores when they try to do it.>

The local guitar-making craft is recognized at the 12th annual Festival de Guitarras.

From miércoles, 21/9:
Las guitarras suenan en festival (Guitars sound at festival) – The 12th edition of the Festival de Guitarras started Wednesday with a concert. Most of the concerts will be at CENA, which is part of the centro Abraham Lincoln (Borrero entre Honorato Vázquez y Juan Jaramillo) due to its good acoustics for guitars. The concert schedule is:
22/9 – Jorge Atanacio (México) & Alberto D’Alessandro (Argentina) – Auditorium at CENA at 19:30.
23/9 – José Antonio Escobar (Chile) – Teatro Pumapungo at 19:30.
24/9 – Ricardo Cuadros (Colombia), Bolívar Ávila (Ecuador), Mesías Maiguashca (Ecuador) – Auditorium at CENA at 19:30.
In addition, on el 24/9 from 10-18;00, there will be feria at the Prefectura del Azuay (Tomás Ordóñez y Bolívar) where lutiers and craftspeople will demonstrate the process of constructing a guitar. On el 25/9 there will be a tour of the ruta de guitarras where workshops in San Bartolomé will be open. If you are interested you can go directly to San Bartolomé in Sígsig and follow the signs for the route. Or you can meet at 9:00 in San Blas where there will be free buses to Sígsig.

Titular –

5 países se unen al son de las guitarras (5 countries join in the sound of guitars) – See the article in the Activities section above.

Cuenca –

From martes, 20/9:
Empieza la entrega de paquetes rezagados (Delivery of delayed packages begins) – Packages that weren’t delivered when the Correos del Ecuador closed will finally arrive at their destinations. <I hope those packages didn’t include food, although a 5 year old fruit cake might just be reaching its “best by” date as long as it was soaked in enough good brandy to age well.> The delivery schedule is between 15/9 & 15/10/2022 for packages from 2017, between 15/10 & 15/11 for 2018 packages, and between 15/11 & 15/12 for 2019 packages.

There are 9 steps to get your package. 1. Verify that your name is on the list at https://www.serviciopostal.gob.ec/wordpress/paquetes-2017. 2. Click on “Descargar el listado de paquetes 2017.” Open the 746 page PDF file where you can look for your package by your name. <That list better be in alphabetical order or you’ll be looking from now to Christmas.> 3. If your package is on the list to to the next steps. 4. Go to the Plataforma Sí Postal: https://sipostal.serviciopostal.gob.ec/. 5. Register your personal data (names, surnames & cedula). 6. Enter your current contact info (address, phone, email). 7. Use the button <you’ll have to figure out the right button on your own> to pay the Servicios Postales del Ecuador if you didn’t pay it while Correos de Ecuador was in existance. <I think the fee is $3.49.> 8. Select your delivery option – pick up at a postal agency or home delivery <and good luck if you live on a street S/N or in a house S/N.> But the only agencies are one in Guayaquil and 3 in Quito. 9. You can pick up your package or get it delivered in about 7 working days.

Hospitales casi sin pacientes COVID-19 (Hospitals with almost no COVID-19 patients) – Hospitals in Cuenca don’t have any Covid patients in ICU care, with 3 people in stable condition in hospital. In Azuay as of 17/9/22, there are 96 new cases with 56 of them in Cuenca. For that reason the Consejo Cantonal de Salud is recommending use of masks in both open and closed spaces, getting vaccinated including boosters, quarantining suspected cases, and testing. The percentage of positive tests in Cuenca is 12%.

Region –

Killa Raymi abre ciclo agrícola (Killa Raymi opens agricultural cycle) – Killa Raymi (21/9) is the Fiesta de la Luna (Moon) and is related to femininity and sowing. The cycle continues with Cápac Raymi (weeding on 21/9), Pawkar Raymi (flowering on 21/3), and ends with Inti Raymi, the Fiesta del Sol (harvest on 21/6). There were activities Tuesday at the Pumapungo Museum and archeological park.

Más ritos habrá hoy en Azuay y Cañar (More rites today in Azuay and Cañar) – There were events today in San Fernando and Tarqui. The Asociación de Productoras Agrícolas “Mushuk Yujay” in Cañar will hold the “Muyu Fest” from hoy to el domingo in the parque Guantug. There will be an exhibit of seeds, dance contests, a gastronomic fair and other activities. The City of El Tambo will hold a Fiesta de la Luna on el 23/9 and 24/9 in the Complejo Arqueológico de los Baños Cañari-Inca in Coyoctor.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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