Final tram decisions pending, Homage to Cuenca concert, Anti-IMF protests planned, Decapitated head recovered, Area apple harvest begins

Apr 7, 2019

Domingo, 7/4/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Diseño para Artesanías – There will be a workshop titled “Gestionar en clave de participación” (Manage in participation key <says Google. I haven’t got a better version to give you.>) on Design for Crafts from 8-10/4, in the auditorium of the CCE. This is part of the 2nd Edition of the Ardis 2019 Art and Design, organized by CIDAP with the sponsorship of the Prefectura of Azuay. There will be a cycle of conferences on Design for Crafts with conferences in the Teatro Sucre on 8/4, in the auditorium of Chemistry at he U. of Cuenca on 9 & 10/4, and an awards ceremony on 12/4. <And this is for you jewelry hounds.> There will be the exhibit for the Premio Ardis a la Joyería Contemporánea (Ardis Award for Contemporary Jewelry) which will run all April. The CIDAP Sales Fair will run from 12-14/4.

The tram is already rolling but when will passengers board?

Concierto – The concert, “Homenaje a Cuenca” (Tribute to Cuenca) will be el martes, 9/4 in the Museo Catedral Vieja a las 19:30, organized by the Cuenca Music School. Students from the school will perform classical and Latin American music.

Conferencia – There will be a conference titled “Los tiempos de Gil Ramírez Dávalos en Cuenca” (The times of Gil Ramírez Dávalos in Cuenca) el miércoles, 10/4 in the Museo Catedral Vieja (Mariscal Sucre y Luis Cordero).

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Alci Acosta Concierto – Cuenca will be a stop on Alci Acosta’s “Alci Acosta La Leyenda” (Alci Acosta – The Legend) tour. It will be on jueves, 11/4 a las 20:30 in the Convention Center at the Mall del Río. The 80 year old singer is known for his songs, “no renunciaré” and “La copa rota.” Cost: $20, $25, & $35.00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Otro traspié sufre Deportivo Cuenca (Deportivo Cuenca suffers another setback) – <Remember I don’t translate sports, especially fútbol, but I can read and understand a score.> Delfin S.C. beat Deportivo Cuenca 3-2.

3 policies missing for Tranvía – With a little more than a month before a new city administration takes over, the present has still not adopted 3 ordinances for the Tranvía. One of the most urgent is finalizing the fare for the Tranvía which is also a pending issue for bus service. Until now, the Council has only approved the Ordenanza que Regula la Operación el Sistem Tranvía (Ordinance Regulating the Operation of the Tranvía System). This ordinance determines the obligations and duties of both riders and operators.

Re-elected councilman Xavier Barrera explained the technical fare is close to 74¢. However, the proposed fare is 35¢, the rest of which would need to be subsidized by the Municipio de Cuenca for about $5 million. Barrera said the subsidy would be accompanied with a plan to reach financial equilibrium which would take 3-4 years.

The second ordinance would be “la explotación publicitaria del tranvía” (the advertising exploitation of the Tranvía <ads in trains?>)). The 3d would be transferring technical knowledge to local professionals which will reduce the costs of operation and maintenance by $2.5 million in 4 years. Also lacking is the creation of a public corporation to operate the system and integration with other transportation modes. <You’d think that a lot of this stuff should have been done before the trains started rolling. But I guess mañana is now here and fast approached ayer.>

Marcelo Dúran is promoting the creation of an oversight committee for the Tranvía and hopes the council will meet to address this issue. He and parroquial directors are readying a proposal to present to the Consejo de Participación Ciudadana y Control Social (CPCCS – Council of Citizens Participation and Social Control <You should all know this one by now since it was in all the recent election news.>) to legalize an citizens’ oversight committee. There are also plans to meet with the Comité de Usuarios el Transporte Público de Cuenca (Committee of Cuenca Public Transportation Users) to agree on actions that will support the integration of the different transport systems, and to meet with incoming Mayor Pedro Palacios.

Festival de la Manzana – One of the highlights of the Bulán Apple Festival was a 200 m. long apple pie made with 10 canastos (baskets) of apples, each canasto containing about 50 apples. In addition to various varieties of apples for sale including flor de mayo, primicia, ana, gala, alaska, and duquesa; were pears, babaco, carrots and more products grown without chemicals. There were also stalls with cooked foods, and stalls with jams and liquors with fruit bases. The schedule for harvests is reina claudia (greengage – a greenish yellow plum) in enero, peaches in febrero, abridor peaches in marzo, normal apples in abril, golden apples in mayo, Granny Smith apples in julio, and more varieties in agosto y septiembre. A basket of 15-20 apples costs $3 in Bulán whereas in Cuenca 3 large apples costs $1.00. Bulán is 52 km. from Cuenca in the canton of Paute from 2,400 to 2,400 m. above sea level with temperatures from 12-20 C. making giving it a good location for growing stuff.

Elections – The Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE – National Electoral Council) will repeat elections in the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabí, El Oro, Morona Santiago, Loja and Bolívar on 14/7. The CNE decided after approving the legal technical report about incidents which occurred during the processing of scrutinizing the election. <or something like that> The elections to be re-held will be for mayors and rural and urban councilmembers.

Human head found in Guargarcucho – Workers who were mining rock pulled a human head from the río Cuenca with an excavator yesterday morning. They noticed it when the head rolled off a sorting screen or hopper. <Can you imagine the scene? What just fell off the hopper? That’s not a rock. WTF is it!?> The workers called 911 which coordinated with the Cuenca and Santiago de Méndez fire departments which have been searching for a man who jumped into the river el último lunes (last Monday <but these are words you’re already supposed to know. If you’re a new reader you’ll just have to look them up until you’ve got them memorized.>).

National demonstrations – Over 7 groups of workers in the Frente Unitario Trabajadores (FUT – Unified Front of Workers) approved a national mobilization for el primero de mayo to reject the government’s economic policy and Letter of Intent with the IMF, and to “frenar la arremetida neoliberal” (put the brakes on the neoliberal attack).

Section B- Enfoques – I will translate the headline and a brief summary of what these human interest articles are about. If you are interested, go to to read them for yourselves.

“Semillero de la Lectura” (Seedbed of Reading) – A library in Azogues named after Edgar Efraín Palomeque Vivar <the Johnny Appleseed of books> has a program to encourage kids to read. It now has about 30 children participating.

War with Perú – Part I of a report on the 1941 war between Ecuador and Perú during which El Oro was occupied and many inhabitants fled to Guayaquil.

Sports and health – The article is about antioxidants, vitamins, mininerals, and physical activity.

Deportes –

Ad for FFC 15K – The 15th Edition of the Festival Fundación de Cuenca will be on domingo, 21/4 a las 9:00. Register at the Mall del Río or El Joyero Centro Comercial (G. Colombia y P. Aguirre).

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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