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Feb 4, 2019

Lunes, 4/2/2019

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Cine independiente – There are several venues to go see independent films. The Alianza Francesa has had its Martes de Cine for over a decade. Cine en el Prohibido is on martes and miércoles. Cost: $2.00. Catarsis Cuenca was founded by a group of young people to show “triple A” award winning movies los martes in the sala Alfonso Carrasco. Cost: $1.00. República Sur now has martes and miércoles movie days at 19:00. Its customers are mostly foreigners. La Guarida shows movies on martes, to a crowd of mostly foreigners. This year it will have a monthly film cycle featuring a different country each month. Enero was México and febrero will be Spain.

Movie – “Ventaja,” a film made in Cuenca is/will be (?) at the Multicines in the Millenium Plaza.

Secret plans for Her Majesty

Rotofest 2019 – This “Festival de Cultura Electrónica y Música Independiente” will be held in the mega park Tarqui – Guzho. 1/3 will be rock bands, and el sábado, 2/3 will be electronic music.

Festival de comida internacional – The XXIV Festival de Comida Internacional (XXIV International Food Festival) will be el domingo, 20/2 from 12:30 in the Convention Center at the Mall del Río. There will be food from Chile, México, Taiwán, Spain, Ecuador, Colombia and more. The event is organized by FASEC to raise money to help cancer patients and their families.

Concierto – The “Guitarra Viva” concert will be el 8/2 a las 19:30g in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco in the CCE with Mario Arévalo from Colombia and Bolívar Ávila from Cuenca.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Stockholm Junior Water Prize – This contest is open until 20/3 for high school students between 15 & 20 years old to enter their projects for water conservation.

Otras Cosas –

Titular – Cáncer: el chequeo es vital (Cancer: checkups are vital) – Cervical cancer is the 3d most common in women in Latin America and the Caribbean. In Cuenca, SOLCA’s records show it’s the 2nd most common. The most common is thyroid cancer and the 3d most common is breast cancer. On the Día Mundial de Cáncer, the Organización Panamericana de la Salud, is asking women to get annual checkups and a HVP vaccine. SOLCA’s specialists emphasized that all cancer is curable, but it needs to be diagnosed in time.

Tranvía – The project is being inspected and last details are being finished and fixed. Neighbors who have been watching the work have their doubts about how “finished” the project actually is.

Secret plan – The British Government has revived Cold War plans to evacuate Queen Elizabeth in the event that Brexit causes disturbances in London. <Julian, we’ve got some new refugees so go clean up your room.>

Exports and balance of trade – Ecuador ended 2018 with a 16% increase in trade but negative balance of trade of $508 million. Exports were $21.979 billion (49%), and imports rose to $22,310 billion (51%). Non-petroleum exports grew 5% to $12.824 billion. The main export items were shrimp, banana, canned fish, flowers and cacao. Destinations were to the EU with $2.981 billion, then the US with $2.343 billion, Vietnam with $1.141 billion, China with $906 million, and Russia with $766 million. <Are you statistics junkies happy now?>

Intercultural – The article is about various garden plants with medicinal properties such as nettle, dandelion, and amaranth or ataco. It lists the benefits, how it is prepared and how it is used.

And that´s all for today so Hasta ? –


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