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First tram station is installed, Law protects Ecuador’s elderly, New TSA rule

First tram station is installed

The first of 25 tram platforms was installed yesterday near the Rio Yanuncay. The platforms, where the tram will stop to take on and discharge passengers, are being built on raised concrete pads and will have steel roofs and ticket machines. According to the director of the tram project, Jaime Guzmán, the components of the platforms were manufactured in Spain and Australia and are similar to those used in tram systems in Europe. Guzmán also said that repair and upgrade work in Cuenca’s historic district continues in advance of next week’s live rolling stock tests.

National Assembly passes law to protect senior citizens
Tram station roof is lifted into place on Thursday.

Under a law passed Wednesday, Ecuador’s older adults are officially protected from age discrimination and a variety of other violations. The law provides legal recourse in cases of discrimination as well as special medical and economic assistance. According to an assembly study, 14.9 percent of Ecuador’s 1.3 million elders have been victims of negligence and abandonment while 14.7 percent have been the target of insults.

New U.S. TSA air travel rule goes into effect

Beginning last week, all airline passengers traveling to the U.S. will not be allowed to carry more than 350 ml. (12 oz.) of powder products in their carry-on baggage. In Ecuador, the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rule affects passengers flying on American, Avianca, Latam and other airlines. The airlines say they are advising ticket-holders of the new rule. TSA says the powder restriction is necessary to reduce the threat of terrorism.