Former high court official and adviser to Correa is arrested on bribery and conspiracy charges

May 6, 2019

Former vice-president of Ecuador’s Constitutional Court Pamela Martínez has been jailed on suspicion of conspiracy, bribery and influence peddling. Martínez also served as an advisor to former president Rafael Correa.

Pamela Martínez

In a related case, an administrative assistant to Correa, identified as Laura T, was also jailed.

The arrest order was granted in a weekend hearing in which the state prosecutor’s office produced information alleging that Martínez and Laura T. transferred millions of dollars in political contributions from multinational companies, including Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, into accounts used to finance the campaigns of Correa and former vice president Jorge Glas.

According to prosecutor Ruth Amoroso, the defendants “managed and moved funds through an intricate cash collection system using the practice of cross-invoicing with the purpose of concealing the source of the money.” The activity occurred in 2013 and 2014, according to Amoroso.

In addition to the possible crime of concealing campaign funds obtained through bribery, the prosecutor’s office is investigating whether Martínez and Laura T. were on the public payroll when they committed the alleged crimes.

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Also under investigation are 122 trips Martínez made between 2008 and 2018 to Argentina, France, India, the United States, China, Chile and several other countries.

Martínez was arrested Saturday morning at the Guayaquil airport as she prepared to board a flight to Mexico.

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