Fugitive and former IESS chief captured in Peru; He’s wanted for tax fraud, influence peddling

Apr 10, 2019

The former head of Ecuador’s Social Security system (IESS), Ramiro González, has been arrested in Lima, Peru. Charged with tax evasion, illicit enrichment and influence peddling, González fled the country in 2017.

Ramiro González

In her Twitter account, Interior Minister María Paula Romo said she was notified Wednesday of González’s capture by Peruvian police. “We have worked closely with authorities in Lima and contributed information that led to his arrest,” she said. She said arrangements are underway for González’s extradition to Ecuador.

In 2017, González was charged with falsifying his tax returns to hide $1.8 million in income, some of which the government says were gained illegally as a result of his position at IESS. He was also charged with influence peddling.

A former prefect of Pichincha Province, González served as Undersecretary of Labor and Human Resources for President Rodrigo Borja Cevallos. In addition to his job at IESS during the Rafael Correa administration, he served briefly as minister of industries.

According to Romo, González is one of 16 government officials from the Correa administration who are fugitives from justice and known to be living in other countries. Correa is one of them, currently living in Belgium.

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