Gasoline price heads higher, Public bike service is popular, Moreno cuts taxes on bike imports, FASEC fundraiser at Quinta Lucrecia, Robberies

Jun 4, 2019

Martes, 4/6/2019

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Congreso de Arte Contemporáneo – The second Congreso de Critica, Filosofía y Teoría del Arte will be el 11/6 in Loja at the Convention Center fo the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja with talks, seminars, workshops, round tables, etc.

The price of high-test heads higher.

Concierto de Rock – The U. of Cuenca Coro Polifónico and Orquesta Sinfónica will present the “Tetralogía Sinfónica del Rock” el 13, 14, & 15/6 a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz. They will perform songs by Pink Floyd, Queen, Guns N’Roses & Scorpions. Tickets at Melatte (Borrero 7-47), Esquina de las Artes (Agustin Cueva y 12 de Abril), and Batan Shopping. <Nice to have addresses instead of assuming that everyone knows where things are. Unfortunately, “everyone” doesn’t include gringos who haven’t lived here all their lives.> Cost: $10.00.

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Del cuerpo del periodico –

Ad – Una Noche Entre Amigos II, a fundraiser for FASEC – 6/6 a las 19:30 in the Quinta Lucrecia – with Esteban Tamariz, Rugen Astudillo, Gerardo Abad and special guest María Isabel Albuja.

Ad – Loca la Juana, a fundraiser for the children at the Instituto de Parálisis Cerebral del Azuay (Cerebral Palsy Institute of Azuay) – jueves, 6/6 a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamaríz. Tickets from IPCA (av. Isabel La Católica y Fray Gaspar de Villaroel, Parque El Recreo; at the theater box office on 6/6; or from a volunteer at 099 926 7779. <For those of you whose Spanish is good enough for a phone call, who are rich enough to hire a facilitator/translator to make your Spanish language calls for you, or have a Cuencano friends who will do you that favor.>

Otras cosas –

Titular – La Sub 20 da otro alegrón deportivo (The Sub 20 gives another sporting joy) – <Remember I don’t translate sports nor do I understand fútbol, so trust the following translation even less than usual.> Ecuador beat Uruguay 3-1 and qualified for the quarter finals of the Mundial in their category. EC will play the winner of the France-US match.

Presupuesto municipal – Mayor Palacios has 70 days to revise the municipal budget for what remains for 2019. The budget which was approved in 2018 is $274,039,519. He has held meetings with city staff to come up with priorities and a Plan Operativo Anual (POA – Annual Operating Plan). One of the the mayor’s main objectives is that spending on investment exceeds spending on current expenses which is mainly salaries.

Office hours – Councilman Roque Ordóñez will be available to talk to the citizenry every Monday a las 10:00 in the Glorieta del parque Calderón. <He’s taking complaints, so if you’ve got a gripe, he’s who you can gripe to.> One complaint he’s received is that the lighting in the plaza San Francisco is inadequate.

Richard Carapaz – Ecuador is waiting for the cyclist who won the Giro de Italia race to come home to be honored.

Competition bikes – Ecuador does not have high-end competition bikes. Everything a cyclist needs is probably going to be imported and expensive. A local bike assembler is happy that President Moreno ended the taxes on the importation of competition level bikes. There are $15,000 bikes in Cuenca that were customized for their owners. Other bikes have costs of $4,200, $6-7,000, and $9.000. <Wonder if the taxes on cars will go down if an Ecuadorian wins something like the Dakar Rally, the Daytona 500, or the Monaco Gran Prix?>

Gas going up – The price of súper at the distributors is going up 26¢ in June. The price per gallon will probably be about $3.30 at the stations. In deciembre, 2018, Pres. Moreno freed the price of this gas with Petroecuador defining the price each month based on the international cost.

Barrio in Ricuarte – The La Florida parish is worried about the construction of a presumed open air patio-warehouse for a factory. It is on land surrounded by at least 100 families. According to municipal ordinances, the main use of land in Ricuarte is supposed to be residential, community buildings, artisanal production, and other uses compatible with residential use. Neighbors started asking the Junta Parroquial and city what was going on after houses and trees were demolished. The neighbors were told that there was a permit for building an ornamental enclosure around the perimeter. The factory is also trying to rezone the site from residential to industrial. The Planning Department is in agreement with, and not about to change the current Land Use Plan which was approved in 2012 and which says that the principal use of the land is residential. <Hope the city puts a stop order on the project. A fine would be fitting as well. Restoration might be asking a bit much.>

“Bici Pública” – Since it’s start on 1 abril, 4,193 users have gone to the site, but only 919 have completed the registration process. 260 people have joined as members. In May, there were 2,168 trips made; and so far in June, there have been 195 trips. The stations with the most trip origens are Centenario, Parque Calderón, parque De La Madre, San Sebastián, el Estadio y Escuela Panamá. There are publicity teams going to the stations to explain how the system works. <Is that a cultural thing? The person to person publicity which would probably be a newspaper, TV, and/or radio ad campaign in the US?>

Robberies – Police are investigating a series of burglaries in the north side of Cuenca on av. Hurtado de Mendoza y José Joaquin Olmedo, and in the Corazón de Jesús barrio in Ricaurte Parish.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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