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Government denounces ‘dirty’ social media campaign against Moreno by Correa supporters

Ecuador’s communications secretariat is attacking what it says is a coordinated campaign to discredit President Lenin Moreno. It says supporters of former president Rafeal Correa are behind the effort.

Communication secretary Andres Michelena

“This is an orchestrated social media attack on President Moreno and the government of Ecuador,” the secretariat said in a press release Saturday. “We reject the creation of digital smears and accounts in social networks whose task is to generate, disseminate and promote false news We urge citizens to be aware that the campaign is politically motivated and ask that they ignore it.”

According to the communication’s office, the campaign uses several social media platforms and posts under such handles as “#bananarepublic,” “#citizenresistance,” “#harddata,” and “#accurateinformation.”

Communication secretary Andrés Michelena calls the campaign “an act of desperation” by supporters of Correa. “The few remaining supporters of Correa will stop at nothing to push their lost cause,” he says. “Their leader is a fugitive from justice hiding out in an attic in Belgium and their public support is in the toilet.”

Ironically, Correa also claimed that he was unfairly targeted by social media campaigns during his terms in office.