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Government’s employment plan is a failure, Lasso says; ‘Time to open Ecuador to the world’

The man who narrowly lost to President Lenin Moreno in the 2017 election claims that the government’s plan to provide better jobs for Ecuadorians isn’t working. “The model to improve employment has failed miserably, especially for young people,” Guillermo Lasso says.

Guillermo Lasso

Quoting the latest jobs report, Lasso said that six out of 10 Ecuadorians do not have “decent full-time jobs” and that the number rises to eight out of 10 for workers under 30. “Despite the promises of the current government, it has continued to follow the disastrous policies of Rafael Correa to produce the abysmal results we see today,” he says.

“We need an economy that works and to do this we must open Ecuador to the world,” Lasso said Tuesday.

Lasso says that the government operates in a “state of confusion,” imposing austerity measures that reduce the number of good jobs without creating new ones. “They promised that those who were losing their jobs with the government would move into well-paying private positions but efforts to create private sector jobs have failed,” he says. “Instead of creating an environment to stimulate the economy, the government has maintained the employment laws and policies of the past and very little is changing.”

Lasso, a Guayaquil banker and leader of the CREO party, announced last year that he will run again for president in 2021.

In addition to attacking its employment strategy, Lasso also called the Moreno’s administration’s efforts to recover stolen government money inadequate. “There were hundreds of millions of dollars taken from the national treasury by Correa’s henchmen,” he said. “Where are the efforts to recover it? I hear a lot of talk but see little action.”