Gov’t to monitor private airports for drug activity, Man jumps from bridge, Hospital presents ‘superheroes,’ Las Cruces 10k race, Apple fair

Apr 7, 2019

Sábado, 6/4/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Books for the week – <I’m not going to translate the titles because if you can’t translate them for yourselves, you haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of reading the book, no matter how intriguing the title might be for you.>
De lo lúdico a la Creatividad: un enfoque hexádico y teatral by Shai Sergio Hervitz, published by UNAE.
Tango by Darwin Parra: published by the Municipio de Cuenca.
El papa: Francisco, Benedicto y la decisíon que estremeció al mundo by Anthony Maccarten, published by Roca Editorial de Libros.

Firefighters search for man who jumped into the Rio Tomebamba on Friday. (El Mercurio)

Muestra – “Etérea” (Ethereal), a photo exhibit by Marcela García opened in the Galería Arte Saladentro (Paseo Tres de Noviembre 4-78 in the Bajada de Todos Santos sector (Puente Roto)) and will run all month.

Concierto – Auyllu Llakta played Andean music Saturday in the teatro de la Casa de la Cultura.

Cine – The Cine Club Catarsis opened their 9th film series titled “Distopía” Saturday in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco” in the CCE with “Blade Runner.”

Meeting of the arts – There will be a meeting between anyone linked with art and culture and electees to city government el próximo lunes a las 18:00 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE. Some of the councilmembers have said they will attend and the new mayor has expressed interest.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Feria de la Manzana – Jima will celebrate its 11 years as a national cultural heritage with an Apple Fair today and este domingo a las 9:00. There will be around 30 stands with different kinds of apples and apple products <Pie, anyone?>, as well as zanahoria blanca (white carrots), melloco, oca, wheat, barley, oats and more.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Varias narcopistas habrían en el país (Various drug landing strips in country) – There are over 2,000 landing strips in Ecuador, some controlled and others not. Drug trafficking gangs are using some of the uncontrolled strips. Police reported that a drug plane took off from the abandoned oil refinery del Pacifico in Manabí. <Another example of how Ecuadorians are champions at reuse and recycling.> Minister of Defense, Oswaldo Jarrín, said that the Armed Forces will be preparing a strategy to combat drug trafficking and other crimes along the coast, at sea, and around the Galápagos (illegal fishing). It has been successful in disrupting two main land routes for drugs in Sucumbíos and Esmeraldas. They will use a reconnaissance plane and need more radar coverage of the areas. So far they have 4 of the 10 radars they need. <It would be ironic if they borrowed the money for the radars from China.>

Superheros in the hospital – 30 specialists at the Hospital Vicente Corral Moscoso changed their white coats for superhero costumes as part of a national “Hagamos un trato por el buen trato” (Making a deal for good treatment) program aimed at making hospitals more friendly for the smallest patients. Nationally, 9 hospitals are implementing various initiatives under this program including using los “Ositos de peluche” (teddy bears) to explain a medical exam, the process of accepting or recuperating from an illness; a mobile library to promote reading; creating download areas with brief minutes of relaxation <I’m not sure how to translate “zonas de descarga” here.>; and music therapy.

Cemuart turns 20 – The Centro Municipal Artesanal (Municipal Crafts Center), formerly known Casa de la Mujer, is one of the most complete spaces for crafts and gets between 5-6,000 tourist visits a month. It has 84 spaces, down from the 106 when it first opened, where customers can buy directly from the craftsmen and women who include saddle makers <Anyone ever seen a saddle there?>, goldsmiths, iron workers, weavers, and more.

Search – Firefighters are still searching for a young man who threw himself into the Tomebamba from the Todos Santos Bridge last 1/4. A fire department official said they know it was a man who asked to be discharged from a health center, walked a short distance and threw himself into the river. A passing driver said he saw a man in a white coat with a chest wound walking and then throwing himself into the river. <Take another little piece of my heart now, baby! I know you’re going to tell me how insensitive I am.>

Palma de cera – The Ministry of the Environment is kicking off its <annual> campaign to get people to use other plants other than wax palms for Palm Sunday. The palma de cera is a species needed by birds and is threatened by deforestation, changes in land use, cutting, and forest fires. <So it doesn’t need the additional threat from believers who need a frond to wave on the 14th.>

Deportes –

Las Cruces 10K – The 55th edition of the Circuito Internacional Las Cruces 10K will be el 26 de Mayo a las 8:00, leaving from the Plaza El Otorongo. Over 2,000 runners are expected at this 2nd oldest athletic competition in Ecuador. <If history holds, Byron Piedra will win again. He has won 10 since 2003.> Register at the Club Circulo Cruz on Calle de la Cruz in El Vado. $10.00 will get you a sports kit including a bividi (BVD – tank top), medallion, chip and souvenirs from sponsors. <Not a bad deal even if you don’t bother to show up to run.>

Other races – There will be races for children on 18/5 with the 51st edition of the Circuito Richard Boroto, and the 19th edition of the Carrera de Marcha Luis Chocho – both at Miraflores.

Descuentos y compras –

El Mercurio – 16 piece set of dishes for only $14.80 plus IVA – at any Mercurio office.

Late – set of 3 aluminum “pailas” (shallow two handled cooking pots) for $9.80 plus IVA – at any Late or Mercurio office. <Who knew you could equip your kitchen at the newspaper office?>

Kywi – sales with 20-40% off on lighting, bath, kitchen, locks, safes, work gloves, tools (manual and powered, big and small), and tires.

Construction fair – 5-7/4 from 10-20:00 – Mall del Río.

And that’s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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