Heavy rainfall plagues area, Cuencano named anti-corruption secretary, Inflation remains low, Old Cuenca recipes, Gustavo Jara for mayor

Feb 8, 2019

Jueves, 7/2/2019

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Organ – The Archdiocese of Cuenca has contracted with experts from Perú to evaluate the pipe organ in the Catedral Vieja. The pipe organ has about 900 pipes from 2.8 m. tall to others no bigger than a pen and a lot of it is stored in a loft. An expert said the organ is restorable. <It’s just finding all those bits and pieces.>

Book launch – “Cuenca, Memoria y Cocina” by María Alejandrina Cordero was launched hoy (jueves) a las 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad. She did 500 interviews, went over cookbooks, old culinary books and kitchen notebooks. The book has stories about the lives of people born between 1902 and 1940.

Exposición – “Expo Costearte II” opened Thursday in Saladentro. The exhibit with artists Carlos Latore, César Burbano, Diego Jaramillo, Jorge Chalco, Jorge Mogrovejo, Manuel Tarqui, María José Machado and others, celebrates Saladentro’s first year.

Cuenca rivers are running high due to record rainfall.

Taller de Narrativa – There will be a workshop on narrative (story telling workshop?) el sábado a las 9:30 in Zaga Visual (Paseo de los Cañaris y El Observador). Cost: $50.00.

Teatro – “Tres toques de espera” (3 touches of hope) will be presented este sábado a las 20:00 in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco. Cost: $7.00.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Festival de Comida Internacional – There will be 11 countries serving food at the “vigesimo” (twentieth – your word for the day) <Just in case you were curious, the twenty-first is vigésimo primer.> The International Food Festival will be el domingo from 12:30 in the Convention Center at the Mall del Río. The foreign colonies in Cuenca are preparing food from Germany, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, US, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland and Taiwan. <It was in alphabetical order in Spanish, but not worth trying to alphabetize in English.> The event is a benefit for FASEC which provides paliative care to terminal cancer patients and their families. To support the institution, call 4096-391 and 4096-392.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Riesgo en vías por lluvias (Risk in roads due to rain) – In the last 4 years, at least in enero, there has been more rainfall than average. Year over year, January rainfall in Cuenca was 58.1 mm. to 138.4 mm, a 198% increase. From Tuesday night, all the 4 rivers have all increased their flow. There was flooding in the ciudadela La Retamas, and a person was swept away by the río Tomebamba after falling in the Puertas del Sol sector. <Ok, statistics junkies – the article even has snazzy graph.> Average rainfall in mm. for enero is 58.1. From enero, 2016 to 2019, the rainfalls have been 103.4, 58.1, 78.2 and 138.4. <Instead of fires, cold waves or heat waves, we’re getting more rain. I can live with that so far.>

The vía Sígsig-Chiguinda-Gualaquiza has been blocked by flooding from the río Negro. Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme is open with detours at km. 88 and 91. La vía Gualaceo-Plan de Milagro has been closed since noviembre, 2018 due to slope instability at Ingamullo II (km 11). The vía Paute-Guarumales-Méndez is partially open, but there are landslides in San Pablo.

Voto 2019 – Gustavo Jara represents the Fuerza Compromiso Social movement, Lista 5. This group has the support of Ex. Pres. Correa and its members are largely former AP members. He would:
Reduce use of private cars and integrate the Tranvía with all other forms of transport including buses, bicycles and “teleféricos” (aerial trams). <More about those later.>

Petition the feds to subsidize the Tranvía, which operates on electricity, as compensation to the city for being in the area that generates the majority of hydroelectric power in the country. <That’s interesting reasoning.>

Build aerial trams – one from the parque de Guzho to the Loma de Monjas and to Turi for $15 million, and the other from Miraflores to parque De La Luz and on to the Tablón de Patamarca where there will be a park called De La Música Viva (Live Music). Initially these will be for touristic purposes.

Motivate people to be empowered and take over their public spaces, mainly with sports and cultural activities which will make things more secure.

The Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana needs to be strengthened and since Cuenca is the only city in Ecuador which is paying a security tax, it would have a right to request this.

If a mining project is found to put water sources at risk, it wouldn’t be allowed to advance. To control this, new law and institutions would need to be created.

Relocate the livestock fair and slaughterhouse now in Patamarca.

In a nutshell will now be “Key issues for Cuenca”
Nuevo Estadio – He would rebuild the stadium, not just for Deportiva Cuenca, but to serve the whole population with complementary practice equipment and commercial spaces that would finance the project.

Mercade El Arenal – He would build a new hyper-market and would relocate the wholesale market to an area with good access for heavy vehicles during the night and early morning.

Teminal terreste – There are technical studies that say the terminal should be relocated to the west of the city into a space that is currently earmarked for green and recreation space.

Aeropuerto – He would lengthen the runway if studies show it is feasible technically and economically. But he would not build a new terminal.

Ordenamiento territorial (Land planning) – He would incorporate a Land Planning and Development Plan in his first year. If he can’t, then he would apply emergency action to reduce the amount of municipal paperwork.

Public housing – He would build at least 3,000 unit of housing through an alliance with the private sector. The city would contribute 65 basic services and roads.

Exports – Azuayan exports of manufactured goods and roses fell in 2018. The rate of growth slowed for flowers, coffee, tuna, and canned fish as well. On average, banana exports have increased. Ecuador is also facing competition in the US market from Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia and Peru. Xavier Rosero, technical manager for Federación Ecuatoriana de Exportadores (Fecexpor) said gaining market on the basis of costs is very difficult and suggest policies where companies can improve their products. An analyst in Foreign Commerce said that Ecuador doesn’t have preferencial access for tuna, roses, brocolli, mangos, other fruits, and agricultural products. It pays duties between 7% & 35%. <Does using the dollar also affect competivity?>

Bolivia – Bolivia has picked the Chinese company Xinjiang Tvea (?) Group as its strategic partner for projects to industrialize lithium at the Coipasa and Pastos Grandes salt flats.

Inflation – January closed with the highest inflation rate in 12 months at .47% over enero de 2018 at .19%. Overall inflation in 2018 was barely .27%. <And in Venezuela it’s at 1,000,000% <?!>. The basic basket of goods for a family of four cost $719.88 in enero.

Secretaría Anticorrupción – Iván Granda, a Cuencano was named the Anticorruption Secretary. This office was created by an executive decree in order to propose guidelines for public policies that would facilitate reporting acts of corruption and to coordinate with other institutions. He and Diana Salazar, director of the Financial and Economic Analysis Unit, presented a formal complaint to the AG’s office about the routing of $13.5 million taken to fiscal havens by businessman Tomislav Topic in the Odebrecht case. Odebrecht paid $13.5 million to Glory International of Hong Kong in which Ricardo Rivera, ex. VP Gorge Glas’s uncle, was involved. The money should be recovered soon. <Keep that up – the country needs the money.>

Zoom – The social page has photos of the book launch of “Libro Amèrica Latina” by Alexandra Kennedy including of the the author.

Descuentos y compras –

Home Vega – Discounts – 7-10/2.

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Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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