History of Carnaval, Government to clean up Texaco oil pollution, Accident on the rails

Mar 2, 2019

Viernes, 1/3/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Danza y teatro – There was a performance with theater, dance and poetry Friday in El Prohibido as well as a book launch of “Tú, mi sueño y yo, tu olvido.”

Rotofest – The Escenario Rock del Festival de Cultura Electónica y Música Independiente will be Saturday from 10:00 in the parque Tarqui-Guzho. This is the largest festival of its kind in Ecuador. Free.

Noche Rock – There was a rock concert Friday in the Búnker Centro Cultura with singer Toño Teña, Bernardo Quezada on guitar, and Yayo Ugarte on drums.

Having fun at Rotofest.

Cortometraje y poesía – At the “Noche de Posporno” (Evening of Post-porno), there was a showing of a short film, “Lubricas,” and a reading of erotic poetry in the Pálier Café Libro. <So is your Spanish good enough for erotic poetry or do you need to see the pictures?>

Jazz – The Esteban Encalada Quarter played a program of swing and jazz Friday in el Break (Bolívar 10-31 y Padre Aguirre).

Otras cosas –

Titular – Festivales, compadres y juego por Carnaval (Festivals, compadres and play for Carnival) – En antaño (In the olden days), the fiesta de los compadres y comadres was celebrated 2 Thursdays before Carnaval – 15 days before for the compadres and 8 days before for the comadres. It is believed that this came from Spain during colonial times as a party time before Lent. It was a time when the Church allowed a little liberation from the dogmas and precepts because you could repent at Easter. In 2003, with impetus from the Fundación Turismo, Cuenca reinstated these activities which now celebrate ties of friendship and affection. Before, it was common to exchange dolls and gifts to symbolize the union of compadrazgo. <Now people exchange foam and water balloons.>

Recycling handbooks – For the Día Mundial de Reciclador (World Day for Recyclers), the Asociación de Recicladores Urbanos de Cuenca will distribute manuals for how to recycle. The Association of Urban Recyclers of Ceunca believe that there are still people in the city who don’t know how to process their garbage. Data from EMAC EP (Empresa Municipal de Aseo – the garbage company) shows about 600 people working in recycling, only 269 of whom are registered with the city. Most of them earn $60/mo. for their work. Recyclers say they have found all sorts of garbage in the blue recycling bags including dirty diapers, syringes, dead dogs, and food waste. <I sure hope none of you readers is responsible for any of that disgusting stuff in the recycling bags. You all should know better.>

Accident on Tranvía rails – A Ford 350 <A 150 is already a giant truck so how big is a 350?> had an accident when it drove onto the rails of the Tranvía at De Las Américas and Ordóñez Lasso. It hit the curb and blew a tire. Police sanctioned the driver for not respecting traffic signals and driving with an expired license. The accident did not involve the tram. <At least this one didn’t involve a train – that one is still coming.>

Voto 2019 – Page 3A of Friday’s El Mercurio has a summary of the positions of the 13 mayoral candidates on the issues of environment (including mining), transportation, planning and security/safety. <Tomorrow, I will try to put the information into the same grid presentation that the newspaper has. But it might not happen, so if you’re interested, go to www.elmercurio.com.ec and read it for yourself. Or get your facilitator to read it for you.>

Carnaval dinner – Get your Carnaval pig or lamb at the livestock market. People who bring a pig or lamb grown specifically for Carnaval are in the front part of the market where the price depends on where the animal was raised. A medium sized pig from Baños will sell for $280; from El Valle, $180; from Mirafores, $320; from Sígsig, $220; and from Narancay Bajo, $280. One of the largest pigs had a price tag of $450.00. Lambs cost $100-130.00. Bargaining is expected. The inside of the market has commercial vendors. There are businesses in Cuenca that will roast a marrano (another word for pig> for you, price depending on weight.

Clean-up – El Frente de Defensa de la Amazonía (The Amazon Defense Front) rejected Ecuador assuming cleanup of the environmental damage caused by Texaco. The Ministro de Energía y Recursos Naturales y no Renovables (Minister of Energy and Natural and Non-Renewable Resources) announced that, as requested by Pres. Moreno, the Government would assume the costs of clean up.

And that’s all for today so la Hasta ? –


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