Houses collapsing due to landslide, World arepa day, Funka fest, Cuenca wins award, Guitar workshop

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Domingo, 10/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Ongoing agenda event –

Taller de guitarra – The Municipal Department of Culture is holding the second part of a guitar workshop until 30/9 from 16:30-17:45.

Articles about –

Cultural space for adultos mayores – A group of seniors from Turi visited the Museo Pumapungo where they danced to traditional music in the lobby. The program includes therapeutic dance, yoga, breathing exercises and relaxation and meditation exercises. On 4 octobre, there will be “una pampa mesa gigante” (gigantic pampa mesa) <If you don’t know what a pampa mesa is, you’ll have to Google it.> in the Portal Artesanal from 10-14:00. On 27/10, there will be an event in the Plaza el Otorongo to launch a CD recorded by seniors from various parishes in Cuenca. If you’re interested in participating, go to your Parish junta <assuming you know what parish you live in and what and where the junta is> or the Departamento de Desarrollo Social in the Coliseo from 8-14:00 and 15-16:00.

Día Mundial de la Arepa – Venezuelans celebrated the day in the Portal Regional de Artesanías de Cuenca (PRAC <remember this abbreviation> Bolívar y Huayna Cápac) yesterday. Currently there are 10 Venezuelan restaurants and about 2,000-2,500 Venezuelans in the city.

Guide workshop – The Museo Remigio Crespo Toral is offering university students in Tourism, Social Communication, Education and related areas a chance to have their “practicas pre-profesionales” (pre-professional practice – like an internship?) at the museum. The workshop will be from 27/9 to 29/9 from 15-18:00. To register Go to or call 413 4900, ext. 1970.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Turismo, otro premio para Cuenca (Tourism, another award for Cuenca) – See Sunday’s CHL article for more info.

Landslides – Some of the houses affected by landslides and at risk of collapsing in Trigales Altos are rented by families with limited resources. The city will be walking the district next week. The data the city has shows 20 properties badly affected and uninhabitable, 30 with structural damage, and 6 vacant lots with fissures. There are another 25 houses next to the slide and in danger of collapsing. Poor families are living in some of the houses for rents from $50-80/mo. The Department of Social Development visited the families to do a socio-economic assessment. 17 families responded and 13 would not give out their information.

Actualidades – Articles about –

Santiago Peralta – The founder of Pacari Chocolate.

The search by the Mossad for Josef Mengele, Nazi war criminal.

An interview – with Reynel Alvarado, musician, singer and visual artist.

Cantón Camilo Ponce Enríquez – A description of the cantón which is south west of Cuenca.

Sports and health page – An article on posture. 50% of boys under 15 years, and 70% of the girls suffer from back pain. Factors are bad posture, lack of exercise and heavy backpacks. <Remember all those reminders to sit up straight or stand straight? And I remember book bags but not backpacks for school.>

Amenidades –

Funka Fest – There will be 8 bands at the Festival de Artes Funka Fest on 22&23/9 in the Palacio de Cristal on the Malecon 2000, Guayaquil.

Eva Ayllon – This is singer known for Afro Peruana music and will be in Cuenca on viernes, 29/9 a las 21:00 in the Mall del Río Convention Center.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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