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Huawei plans first 5G tests in Ecuador; Tests in other South American countries to follow

Ecuador is preparing for its first trials of 5G technology, to be carried out by Huawei, according to executives of the Chinese telecommunications company. Huawei is currently finalizing details of the tests with government authorities, including the country’s Agency for Regulation and Control of Telecommunications (Arcotel), as well as mobile operators, although commercial 5G networks aren’t likely to be launched before 2021 or 2022.

Huawei officials add that Arcotel recently outlined plans to auction 5G-ready spectrum in the 900MHz, AWS and 3.3-3.6MHz bands before the end of 2019.

Several other South American countries are also expected to begin 5G trials in the second half of 2019 or early 2020, including Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Communication officials in all four countries say that Huawei will participate in the tests and could be asked to tender bids for a range of technical equipment and services.

Officials in Chile and Uruguay say they are aware of U.S. security concerns with Huawei equipment and software but say internal tests have revealed no problems.

60 thoughts on “Huawei plans first 5G tests in Ecuador; Tests in other South American countries to follow

    1. Thank you Abel, this 5G is meant to be in Ecuador or any other Latin American Country, for one reason, reduce the population. 5G is dangerous for people…

      1. Absolutely. The ATTACK OF THE MUTANT CELPHONE coming to your neighborhood cinema in digitalized color. Breitbart has evidence that anyone even near 5G will be affected. Does that mean you people are going back to the US?
        (sigh) Nothing has changed since Reefer Madness.

      2. Just like vaccines, fluoridated water, antibiotics, and dozens of other government conspiracies developed over the past century to reduce the population.

        Yet the population is 7 times what it was in 1900. Man, those evil government scientists can’t get anything right.

        1. Sarcasm is an art form. It requires intelligence to master and a modicum of intelligence to understand. You’ve nailed your end of it, but I’m afraid that some of your readers may not be able to keep up with their end of the deal.

  1. Well here comes another superpower. Can we trust China given how they treat their people, how autocratic and untrusting they are.

    1. Well, the US had their shot for the past century and all they did was finance coups, install and finance dictators, train death squads and force economic policies that perpetuated poverty.

      But I’m sure you’re at least as upset about that as you are about your predictions of how China will behave as they rise to become the most powerful country in the world in the 21st century (and you can’t find an expert on the planet who doesn’t agree that they will). I’m curious, Esmeralda. What are your feelings on the the US’s actions during Plan Condor? What about their Southern Cone Strategy? Do you feel that Nicaragua was better off under the Samoza dictatorship? Were you upset by photos of US Marines posing in front of piles of heads removed from the bodies of poor peasants fighting for democracy? Surely you must be at least a little upset by the hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered as a matter of US policy. Perhaps you’re at least a little irked by the hundreds of babies stolen from their mothers and given to families supportive of the dictatorial regimes? Your (honest) comments would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I noticed that you only listed the US but made absolutely no mention of the many many atrocities that other countries have done. Does your search engine block off all the wicked acts done by dictators from China, Russia, Syria, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba and or do you just have a bee in your bonnet about the US and only look for all the mistakes they have made.?

        Personally I do not have time to sift through the internet and spend countless of hours looking for the barbaric horrors that the dictators did to their people and besides that task sounds way to depressing. I need to go shopping and buy some cucumber and tomatoe plants.

        1. In such a hurry to go shopping that you took the time to write 200 words in a lame attempt to deflect instead of answering a single question put to you. You shouldn’t need to “spend countless of hours looking for the barbaric horrors that the dictators did to their people”. All of the things I cited are common knowledge in South America. You do understand this is an Ecuadorian site, I assume.

          I’m sorry you find it depressing to hear that the nation you cheerlead for is the biggest violator of human rights on the continent. Most people would take that knowledge and rethink their position. Fanatics just put their hands over their ears while yelling LA LA LA as they run away for tomato plants (by the way, you shouldn’t take spelling lessons from Dan Quayle).

          BTW, everyone reading your comment realizes exactly what you’re doing (in case you thought you had any credibility left).

          1. You should go on the internet and look up the spelling of tomatoe. I have better things to do than feed your negativity.

  2. 5G…being brought out under the pretense of “high speed internet”, when infact it is a military weapon….Research Dr. Barrie Trower on Youtube, a microwave expert, he will show you the horrific results of using 5G….Many people on the planet creating awareness..many countries, NOT going to use…do your homework, know what is in the works! So, so many people, completely clueless about this technology and they really need to be concerned!

    1. Thanks Eunice.
      I read that article in YouTube, about 5G… absolutely right.
      We should fight for our rights, and let others know the damage that can cause the use of 5G.
      Why do you think, they want to try first in Ecuador??? Because is a small country, with no power to object or fight back, they do here what others want them to do. 5G is simply dangerous, non in a short period, but it will be.
      Nice comment Eunice;))

  3. 5G is not what you think. Turns out that it has never been tested as safe, no one asked for it, and initial deployment has already resulted in grave health issues for those affected by its extremely high frequency range. So, what is actually going on? Some independent scientists and researchers are trying to warn the public. Here is an excellent intro to a topic that may be the most important issue of our times:

    1. and govts like here oin EC are indebted to China so what? they can test it out on Ecuadorian people but not their own??? Always about money, but lets hope the people here arer as aware ogf this as they are about GMO.. Please resist!

  4. China dangles the carrot to so many poor countries. And these countries can’t resist the temptations. Even the U.S. is guilty of China seduction. However, Trump is attempting to right the wrongs of previous administrations, with current trade negotiations with China. A difficult task, trying to recapture your soul once you’ve sold it.

    1. Right the wrongs? LOL True.Trump is making amends for US’s past misdeeds by making China Great Again. Trump’s capitulation to Xi at the G20, exposed to the world which country is the real boss, and that even the mighty yanks is on a leash.

  5. Where is this proposed to be done and when so we can start raising our voices to forbid it until it is adequately and independently tested for safety? As yet, there are no unbiased studies available; Who here agrees? If not many, then I won’t waste my time, otherwise, count me in!

    1. There’s no such thing as an unbiased study. Anything done by a human contains bias. The scientific method exists so that methodological faults can be identified regardless of the bias of the observer. Have you identified any faulty methodology that you feel calls the results into doubt?

  6. Weaken a population then swoop in and grab the country’s resources, excellent plan. Interesting to note that Israel supposedly had a hand in creating this monster, but 5G won’t be allowed there.

    1. I was wondering how long it would take for someone to invoke the antisemitic angle.

      1. For the record, Arabs are semites, too, and the word semitic refers to language. My comment was about Israel, which admittedly, I’m often critical of, as well as the United States, but I’m not anti-American. People can criticize America unceasingly and not have a slur hurled at them – why the double standard? I stand by my comment.

        1. It also refers to Assyrians and Aramaeans, but I did not use the word Semite. I used the word antisemitic, which is defined as hostility or prejudice against Jews in any reputable dictionary of the English language. Don’t play word games with a language nerd.

          And for the record, you didn’t offer any criticism. You offered an “interesting” allusion towards a conspiracy (a common antisemitic trope), one based on the false assertion that Israel had a hand in “creating this monster” but won’t allow it in Israel, a blatantly false statement that you could have confirmed with a 10-second Google search or by simply reading the link provided in the reply to your comment 2 days ago.

          What was the purpose of making such a false statement and, more importantly, why would you reaffirm that you stand by it even after you were made aware that it was false?

    2. Why do you post false information like that?

      AIRPORT CITY, Israel, Dec 27 (Reuters) – Israel’s telecoms regulator unveiled plans on Thursday to publish a tender for fifth generation (5G) mobile networks in the first half of 2019, at a time when fierce competition has slashed profitability at local operators.

      The Communications Ministry expects the tender in April or May, with the hope frequencies can be allocated by the end of 2019 and 5G can be launched between 2020 and 2023, the ministry’s director-general, Netanel Cohen, said.

        1. Neither one of those links is to a study, nor does either of them support your previous assertion that Israel is not allowing 5G. The only thing “tedious” about it was following links that turn out not to say what you claim they say.

        2. Like JF posits below, all you have done is provide links to opinion pieces that in NO WAY refute the nonsense that I was correcting. YOU stated that Israel wasn’t allowing 5g there and when I posted information that proves that to be wrong———- it will be rolled out soon in Israel——you post an editorial comment that actually makes my point. Your first link is to a letter complaining about the very thing you say isn’t allowed in Israel and all that does is make you look silly. Did you really think I wasn’t going to read the information in your link? All day long I call people’s bluff, just as I am doing here with you now.

          Your second link is no more than an hysterical rant that doesn’t have an ounce of scientific evidence to support it.

          Try again, but see if you can come up with something more convincing than a link to information that actually proves what I have alleged.

      1. They’ve probably done the testing on unsuspecting populations, they’ll most likely be implementing here.

  7. Let’s be real. Those who have posted here on this subject get their news exclusively from US sources, which are notoriously suspect..from FOX to WAPO. And the US power-that-be are very upset about being replaced in so many areas they were once paramount in, in this case technology. Therefore the dire warnings given here about Chinese 5G causing everything from hives to brain cancer should be taken with a boulder of salt. Ditto for the alleged “secret” programming within Chinese 5G that will do all sorts of satanic things to us. (The post WW2 American propaganda machine is still there, merely China is the latest target.)

    On 5G, we should proceed prudently but we should proceed. The miracles that 5G can produce CANNOT be ignored merely to keep American business happier. That country is collapsing all super powers do in time.

    The curious thing is China. So far it doesn’t follow the historical template. Democracy and human rights are affluence related. As a rule, the richer a populous becomes, the more democracy flourishes. (The contrary is also true, that the poorer the majority in a society becomes, the more authoritarian and the fewer freedoms and democracy the populous are given.)

    But there is an anomaly. China is THE most impressive economic miracle in history, with per capita income increasing 400% in a period where developed nations have largely stagnated and are suffering from extreme income disparity. Whatever China is doing, it has certainly put capitalism to shame as an architect for the best growth. Yet that wealth should have made China far more democratic than it has. The World Wonders.

    1. Umm, China was an economic behemoth when the West was a barbaric backwater. The tables turned in the last few hundred years but now it going back to the way it was pre 1600 when everyone wanted what China produced…

      1. The west tried to trade with China once they had the technology to get there, but they didn’t have much in the way of silver or gold nor did they have any products China needed. Their solution? They sent tons of opium, opened thousands of opium dens in which to sell it and set up a network of dealers and distributors to get it to market (sound familiar?). When the Chinese government recognized the deleterious effect opium had on their society, they outlawed the drug and imprisoned the traffickers.

        What was the west’s response? They sent their navies to bombard the ports and force the Chinese to accept opium in exchange for silver. By the 18th century, the British made it illegal to spend any silver in China, making opium the standard instrument of trade for all purchases. The result was Chinese silver and goods going west with nothing but British opium (and Christian missionaries) going east. By the 19th century when western manufacturers got good at Making fake Chinese products cheaper and closer to home, the only thing going into China was guns and opium. It was the largest transfer of wealth in human history until the sacking of the Americas (which was also the result of gangster tactics by the same kingdoms).

        Many movements tried to rise up against the foreign powers that were grinding Chinese society into dust. Those attempts were brutally put down at the cost of tens of thousands of lives first by the British, then the Americans and ultimately the Japanese. When the communists finally managed to drive the foreigners from their lands, the overarching impetus for the reconstruction of their society was the shame felt after 300 years of darkness caused by western drug dealers backed by the armed forces of their respective countries. It is known as the “Great Shame” and there are over a billion people steeped in that history who are determined to never let it happen again.

        Westerners would do well to understand at least the basics of Chinese history. China has been the largest superpower on the planet for the vast majority of recorded history and there’s no reason to believe that they won’t reclaim that position within the next few decades. So many of the arguments I see presented in this discussion forum prove to me that attitudes in the west haven’t changed much since the fall of Rome. Those people still thought they were sitting on top of the world even a century after most historians now agree that Rome was already gone. Commenters here would do well to take a step back and recognize the big picture. China certainly does.

        While watching the Berlin Wall come down live on television, my father (a career military man in the last of his 30 years of service) said, “Well, the Cold War is over. Japan won. Time to learn Mandarin.” Some people were born seeing the big picture. Others have to work at it.

    2. China has proven that capitalism is a social technology that is very effective at growing the economy and fostering technological innovation but it is not a sound basis for social policy if your goal is peace and prosperity for your citizens. The west would do well to recognize that and to stop treating the “invisible hand of the market” as some kind of divine deity watching over them.

  8. Personally, I have already arranged for the first 5G tower to be erected on my property here in Azogues. It will have a direct relay to the McDonalds on the highway on the Panama side of the Darién Gap. There, I will be able to order take out, which will be sped across that super-highway, where it will encounter a waiting private jet on the Colombian side that will fly it to the Cuenca Airport, where my driver will be waiting for it to take it to me directly.

  9. It is interesting how China restricts internet access to its own country yet China is developing the newest and up to date trends and features for other countries. The people of China can not access the same sites that we can because the Chinese block it.

    In fact users on Apple, Google and Windows access different sites when searching. I have one of each and when I perform the same search on them I also do not get the same information.

  10. 5G installation has already been attempted in Vilcabamba. The locals
    and the gringos held public meetings, started petitions and gathered signatures, went to public hearings, and hopefully, have
    helped inform the public and possibly slowed it down. This really is something to be taken
    very seriously.

      1. EXACTLY how would you know about “rational thinking” – in Vilcabamba or anywhere else? Have you researched anything on 5G health risks other than what the paid propaganda media is telling you? I don’t think so or you would’ve responded differently. Spend a couple of hours studying the issue then you may understand.

          1. “Well, would you look at that!!!!” Heretical beliefs??!!!!!??? I laugh. How about those who suffer from Deliberate Denial? I’m sure you’ve heard the quote: “In a world of information, ignorance is a choice.” Of course, Carl Sagan had another explanation. Due to heavy doses of widespread Deliberate Denial, Acceptable Discussion is now only available to those who support each other’s fallacies – and by god! if it’s anything different to whomever is holding the “mike”, Name-Calling, intolerant crowbar wielding crowds of peaceful protesters make sure the “heretics” are shut up – one way or another. Don’t reply. I’m CERTAIN you’re right.

            1. Isn’t that precious! You think deflection and obfuscation actually works, Bless your heart.

    1. I know when I need expert medical advice, the most effective approach is to ask the lay public. I never write a prescription without first asking my neighbors what they would recommend. Collective intelligence is far more effective than the scientific method at arriving at the correct answer.

      1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way you put that. Sadly, it will go over the heads of those most in need of getting the message.

  11. I’m curious how many of the people claiming doom and gloom about 5G made the exact same claims when cell phones first hit the market. I wonder how many of them even remember.

    Invest in aluminum. The demand for new foil hats will surely send the price through the roof.

  12. It’s amazing how high the percentage of conspiracy theories fans is among expats.
    To you I say:
    -we did go to the Moon and three other countries as well
    -there is climate change
    -evolution is a fact
    -there is no such thing as chemtrails

    Respect Science!

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