IESS hospital restocks medicines; Las Américas – Los Choferes interchange nears completion; Avatar comes to Cuenca; Parade will question reality

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Viernes, 22/12/2022
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A sumergirse en el mundo Avatar (Dive into the Avatar world) – The release of Avatar 2 in Cuenca was la noche del 14/12. Multicines are showing to full houses at Batan Shopping and Mall del Río which are showing it in 3D, and there is a 4D theater in the Millenium Plaza where viewers feel like they are in the movie. <If I felt like I was riding one of those dragons, I’d probably barf my popcorn all over the poor person in front of me.> Avatar part 3 is scheduled to be released in diciembre, 2024.

Elecciones 2023 (2023 Elections) – 

Patients at the Hospital José Carrasco Arteaga in Cuenca can now receive human immunoglobulin medicines such as Octagam which are only available with a prescription from a specialist. The hospital recently restocked many medicines that had been out of stock. (El Mercurio)

La propaganda en inmuebles requiere permisos de dueños (Advertising on real estate requires permission from property owners) – According to the electoral calendar from the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE), the political campaign period is from el 2/1 to 3/5/2023. Municipal ordinances allow political advertising to be hung on private properties with the permission of the owner. Nothing can be placed on historical properties. <So don’t hang a “Vote for Juan Doe” banner from your balcony if you live in a historic building unless you’re willing to pay a fine.>

Cuenca – 

Hospital del IESS abastecido con el 86% de medicinas (IESS hospital stocked with 86% of medicines) – Patients at the Hospital José Carrasco Arteaga (HJCA) can now receive human immunoglobulin medicines such as Octagam which are only available with a prescription from a specialist. Tania Carrera, technical director of HJCA, said that an immunologist has been hired on a temporary basis, and there is a search for a permanent replacement for the doctor who quit in septiembre. The difficulty is that there are few immunologists in the country.

About 250 children with rare and orphan diseases now have access to growth hormone and Leuprolide Acetate since a pediatric endocronologist was hired last week. She also said that to date, 86% of the medicines are available with the goal of reaching 90% by the end of the year. In the past few days the hospital has been supplied with Tamoxifen, Metotraxate, Gemcitabine, Alectineb, Axitinib, Ritusimab and Etanercept where before there was only Paracetamol <A mild pain reliever instead of cancer treatment drugs?>. It also got Simvastatina for treatment of colesterol in the blood, Fingolimod, used in multiple sclerosis, Latanoprost for glaucoma, andd Cloroquina y Colchicina for rheumatic diseases. The staff in the pharmacy and warehouse have a system with signals and alerts to avoid expiration of medications.

Distribuidor de tráfico se abrirá por fases (Interchange to open in phases) – The interchange being built on av. De Las Américas at the Los Choferes bomba (gas station/pump – your word for the day) will open in phases. The underpass is just waiting for the concrete to cure. <Hmm, I never knew it was sick.> 2 side accesses will be done in 15 days with the other two after that. The whole project will be delivered in the first days of enero.

De El Mercurio del jueves, 15/12 (2 articles):
Los años viejos pondrán la sátira a las realidades (The Años Viejos will satirize reality) – After 2 years of enforced absence, the monigotes (New Year dummies) contest will resume. The Amistad Club is registering neighborhood groups until el 28/12 for the contest on 31/12. So far, El Gran Cove, Barrio Central, and El Vergel which won the last 4 contests have entered.

El desfile de las comparsas regresará a la Huayna Cápac (The comparsas parade will return to Huayna Cápac) – The comparsas parade will also return to Cuenca this year on el 6/1/2023. The Amistad Club will erect two platforms for the event, one at the intersection of av. República y Huayna Cápac, and the other on the El Vergel bridge. One of the new things this year is the parade will be broadcast live on Facebook so it can be seen everywhere in the world. To participate, go to the Amistad Club’s Facebook page for the registration form. Entries need to be in by el 5/1/2023. There are cash prizes from $100 for the “individual” category, to up to $4,000 for the “institutional” category. <So what gringo group is going to organize an entry this year? You still have 19 days to pull it off.>

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