Inti Raymi festival agenda, Robbery in Puertas del Sol, Herbal entrepreneurs from Paute, Chocolate dreams, Tunnels of the Inca

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Lunes, 17/6/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Teatro – “Lluvia” (Rain) <don’t ask me if it’s the Somerset Maugham play> will be presented el próximo jueves, 20/6 a las 20:00 in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco at the CCE (Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero).

Children’s painting contest – Children from 6-14 can participate by taking their art work on the theme of “Bolívar el Libertador” in A3 (42cm x 30 cm) format to the offices in the Casa Municipal Quinta Bolívar before 18:00 el viernes, 12/7/2019. The 1 Salon de pintura Infantil Bolívar 2019 will be from lunes, 24/7 to 23/8/2019. <Is there an art version of the Stage Mother?>

Swimming in chocolate.

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Agenda Festiva from the Prefectura –
21/6 – Inti Raymi – in the Korikancha, Pumapumgo, Cuenca – 9:00 hasta el Intihuatana. <Is Intiguatana quechua for mañana?>
in the Complejo arqueológico de Ingapirca – Election of the Ñusta Inti Raymi at 14:00, Music festival at 19:00.
22/6 – Inti Raymi – in the complejo arqueológico de Ingapirca – Parade at 9:30, Inti Raymi ritual celebration at 10:00, Dance festival at 11:00, Pampa mesa at 13:00, and music festival at 20:00.
22-23/6 – Fiesta de la Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro y Jesús del Gran Poder – organized by La Playa de Nabón community – on sábado, 22/6: indoor football at 8:00, Mass at 18:00 and artistic show at 20:00 – on domingo, 23/6: indoor football championships and traditional dances at 16:00.
25/6 – Fiestas del aniversario 195 de cantonización de Gualaceo – organized by the Municipality of Gualaceo – Civic parade at 9:30, Solemn session in the Salón de la Ciudad at 14:00.
25/6 – Fiestas de aniversario de cantonización de Girón – organized by the Municipality of Girón – Civic parade at 10:00, Solemn session in the Salón de la Ciudad at 14:00, and Noche Gironense at 20:00.
28, 29 & 30/6 – Fiestas en honor al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús – organized by the Municipality of Casadel, Nabón – on viernes, 28: National song festival – on sábado, 29/6: indoor football, walk with the icon of the Sagrado Corazón del Jesús from Taro to Casadel, fireworks and a 6 story castillo – on domingo, 20/6: sports, mass and a bazaar, 12 categories of motocross racing, and the Yapitas Orchestra from Loja.

Otras cosas –

Titular – La industria plástica sí da trabajo (The plastic industry gives work) – See today’s article in CHL for more info.

Inti Raymi – Officials of the Museo Pumapungo and the Prefectura del Azuay are meeting on how to celebrate Inti Raymi, one of the 4 Raymis celebrated by the cañari people. They want to return authenticity to this fiesta which is an agricultural celebration of thanks to the Pachamama for an abundant harvest and also the festival of the Sun. Inti Raymi was celebrated throughout the Incan Empire and especially in the cities of Ingapirca, Tomebamba, and Cuzco.

Bus stop remodeling – EMOV will be renovating 100 bus stops around the city starting with the stops at av. Remigio Crespo y Augustín Cueva; av. 12 de Abril y Federico Malo; Parque de la Madre; and av. 12 de Abril y Fray Vicente Solano. The first stops are connected with the Sistema de Bici Pública. The new stops are larger with adequate lighting and spaces for information. <I hope that those info. boards don’t wind up useless and covered in grafitti.> To report vandalism, call 157.

Armed robbery in Puertas del Sol – 3 robbers entered a hair salon in Puertas del Sol, intimidated several women and children, took their valuables, and escaped in a waiting getaway car. The victims called 911 and said the response was slow. they also said that robbery has increased in the area. <So can real estate salespeople still claim this to be the “best” neighborhood in Cuenca?>

Horchata – A group of 10 entrepreneurs organized as the asociación San Pablo in the Guaraynag Parish in Paute. They reap aromatic herbs such as ataco, mente (mint), toronjil (lemon balm), manzanilla (chamomile), cedrón, clavel (carnation) , escancel, hierba luisa, and roses. They dry the herbs and package the horchata under the “Charito” brand. Technicians from the Agencia de Regulación y Control y Vigilancia Sanitaria (ARCSA) visited the plant to give the association tips on how to improve the production of their product which will be available in stores and supermarkets in Azuay and Cañar.

Chocolate – Pres. Moreno presented a “Gran Acuerdo Nacional” for cocoa and chocolate to make a Plan to Improve Competition for the Agro-industrial Development of the Chain of Cocoa-Chocolate a public policy. The government and chocolate businesses want to place Ecuador as the world wide benchmark in its production of chocolate by the year 2030. It currently holds 3d place in the world as a producer of “cacao fino de aroma.” <fine aroma chocolate – and you’re right here where it’s produced and sold in the Supermaxi. What more could you ask for – good weather, good chocolate. Maybe enough money to buy all that good chocolate. The weather’s free.>

Pagina Intercultural – Today’s article is “Los tuneles de los Andes y el oro de los Incas” (The tunnels of the Andes and the gold of the Incas). Let me know via the comments section if any of you is interested in the daily headlines for this page.

Descuentos y compras –

Colineal – Waterhouse sale, up to 50% off – 19-23/6, 10-20:00 – Octavio Chacón 2-100 y Parque Industrial.

And that’s all for today so Hasta? –


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