Jaime Astudillo for mayor: Focus on pedestrian safety, Set up special interest activities on tram route, Build convention and cultural center

Feb 16, 2019

Sábado, 16/2/2019

Hola, Todos –
Bonus election issue –

Mayoral candidate – Jaime Astudillo, former rector of the U. of Cuenca, is the candidate for the Contigo movement (Lista 104), and has a plan marked by education. He would:

Have a work plan with 50 projects with a goals of guaranteeing a dignified life with equal opportunities for every person, ensure the rights of nature, and strengthen the sustainability of the economic system.

Build an intermodal transportation system in which the Tranvía would be instrumental in resolving problems of mobility and accessibility.

Astudillo proposes to establish special interest sites and activities along tram route.

Guarantee safe conditions for pedestrians since there is a problem with security especially in the city center.

Propose construction of a set of activities of general interest along the Tranvía route such as production centers and businesses that would attract clients to those sectors.

Build responsible mining as well as the unrestricted defense of water sources including the watersheds of Jubones, Paute, and Cañar which ring Cuenca. <Will communities be able to freely blockade roads to and from mines?> Currently, 28% of the area of the canton has been granted (to mining) with the potential of more grants of equal size in the coming days and months. He says it will be necessary to promote a “consulta popular” (referendum – your word for the day) on mining.

Reorganize the Empresa Pública de Servicios de Rastro y Plazas del Ganando (Emurplug EP – Public Company of Trail (?) and Livestock Services) and finalize the relocation of the municipal slaughterhouse and livestock market.

Relocate the terminal terrestre to better funnel different types of land transportation given that the current facilities are full.

Recognize that the wholesale market at El Arenal is part of the tradition in Cuenca and would decentralize the wholesale market to serve rural parishes.

Key issues for Cuenca –

Desarrollo educativo – He proposes the development of a new system of educational excellence called “Cuenca, Atenas del Ecuador” with the objective of increasing the number of bachilleres (high school grads <Which is why your cedula might say you are a high school grad when you’re really a Bachelor of XX with a university degree.>) entering university and offering local educations in areas of innovation.

Centro de convenciones – Have a specialized center for business-related, tourism, academics, culture and art events that is a multi-center in order to benefit the current infrastructure.

Parque tecnológico – He proposes a technological park to promote policies aimed at strengthening the links between universities, business, and development of productive projects at a high technological level. This project would be designed in the first year. <And languish for the remainder of his term?>

Ciudad digital – He proposes to convert Cuenca into “una ciudad inteligente” (smart city) which requires several indicators of quality of urban life and the speedy incorporation of information and communication technology which will help to speed up paperwork.

He would make the city into a model for overcoming physical barriers which impede the mobility of the disabled including making adaptations to public transportation.

Carretera interoceánica – He would support a project originally proposed by the business sector to build an inter-oceanic highway. This would benefit the southern region of Ecuador and unite river ports in Morona and Amazonas.

And that’s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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