Jaime Rodas for mayor: Make tram pay for itself, Strengthen security, Reallocate city employees, Study need for new airport, Reduce red tape

Feb 9, 2019

Viernes, 8/2/2019

Hola, Todos –
Bonus election issue –

Mayoral candidate – Jaime Rodas is running as the candidate for the Adelante Ecuatoriano Adelante (lista 7) party whose leader is Álvaro Noboa <the banana baron> and Rodas’ priority is security. He would:

Define the fare for the Tranvía, which he feels was built with insufficient planning and would be more than the bus fare, to make the system sustainable and finance its operation and maintenance. He was a builder and distributor for bus bodies in Cuenca and so knows this mode of transport. He said that the Tranvía would not transport new passengers, but the same people who use the bus and this would create an economic imbalance for transporters.

Rodas would increase duties of the Citizen Guard.

Improve security through an economic formula he has developed called CTJR. It would encourage the population to not buy stolen goods and have the city create a fund to compensate people who were victims of theft. <Can you imagine that in the US – is there even enough government money to compensate people who lost their homes, etc. to fraud by the banksters?>

He is also familiar with mining and said that what damages the water is cyanidation which should not be permitted anywhere in the world. He would also make bunkers to prevent this sort of contamination.

Support the private sector to provide public housing since it is not in the purview of the city to build houses.

Design an ordinance to guarantee order in the markets to make sure people are buying products that comply with sanitary policies.

Create a plan for city development and land use to define growth zones, and place productive activities in pre-determined locations.

Reorganize municipal employees to reinforce the areas that require greater human resources. <The flip side of that would be layoffs.>

Key issues for Cuenca –
Trámites municipales – He would digitalize paperwork and put it on line where it could be completed in an average of 20 minutes. He would also put into effect personnel management including if it is necessary to re-engineer that. <Layoffs?>

Mercado El Arenal – He would remodel and modernize the mercado and apply an ordinance to guarantee the merchants comply with rules for hygiene and order and insure proper management of the concessions and utilization of the stalls to prevent corruption.

Terminal terrestre – He would not relocate the Terminal Terrestre because he doesn’t agree it should be on the periphery of the city since that would make it harder for the users who would have to ride longer distances.

Estudio de Aeropuerto – He feels a meticulous study to determine passenger demand is needed, and after that to decide if it would be feasible to relocate, enlarge or rebuild the airport.

Feria de ganado (Livestock market) – He would review the studies for relocating the market and slaughterhouse to see if relocating them is feasible, and if not, he would remodel the existing facility to meet sanitation and security regulations.

Suelo industrial (Industrial land) – He would relocate or create space outside of the city exclusively for heavy industry.

Mayoral debate – La Fundación para el Avance de las Reformas y las Oportunidades (FARO – The Foundation for the Advancement of Reforms and Opportunities) met with the candidates and their teams and the media. Due to technical issues, the debates will be organized into 2 groups through a drawing. Candidates have until 12/2 to register for the debates on 21/2 which will be transmitted live via social media. The debates will cover the following areas: alternative means of movement, transit management, culture, patrimony and tourism, connectivity, environment, and land planning and land use.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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