Jeanne’s back! Film series, Theater production, Community tourism in El Progreso, Bus crash

Sep 18, 2018

Hola, Todos –
Hello, All –

I’m ba-a-a-a-ck. It was nice to have a 6 month sabbatical, but it’s time to get back to work. I will cut down to 4 posts a week, and have yet to decide which days will get you the most information and yet allow me a life, so the issues will be irregular for a while. The focus will be on activities <for all you bored gringos who can’t entertain yourselves> from the cultural and entertainment pages as well as the main body of Cuenca’s El Mercurio newspaper. I will also keep translating things that attract my interest, and if any of you has specific things you’d like to know about, let me know, and it it’s feasible, I will translate articles on those subjects. However, no fútbol. And remember, the stuff between the carrots (<>) are my personal comments.

Actividades –
Pagina cultural –

El próximo jueves – <when I left off writing, you knew all of those words – or were supposed to> (This coming Thursday), from 10-21:00, there will be some sort of activities in the Plaza de la Cruz del Vado, Pálier Café Libro and Lakomuna including Pampa-Leona <your guess is as good as mine as to what the could be>, cooperative workshops, and anti-especista (anti-speciesist) food <I don’t know what that would be either – vegan? Living on air only so as not to kill anything?>.

Ciclo de Cine – The “El Fakir” film series in honor of Cuencano writer César Dávila Andrade will run from today until el miércoles (Wed.) <you should know that word, too.> “Cabeza de Gallo” will play at 19:00 today in the sala Alfonso Carrasco. Tomorrow’s (martes) films at 10:00 are “Lila Remos y Roberto Alen” and “Canchicmi, Cashunme, Canimi.” The 7:00 screening will be El centinela, imagen de César Dávila Andrade” which will be repeated at 10:00 on Wed. Wednesday’s evening film will be “Ángel sin cielo” for audiences over 12.

Teatro – “Doce Hilvanando los Caminos del Destino” will be performed hoy y mañana (today and tomorrow) at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz, and el jueves (Thu.) at 18:00 in the U of Azuay auditorium. I think it’s about the diverse lives of 12 women. Free tickets will be available from 10:00 on the day of the show at the Carlos Cueva Tamariz ticket booth.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Seminario – There will be an International Congress on Bio-ethics from October 3-5 at he U. of Azuay which will study ethical implications in the life sciences such as biology and medicine as well as law. There will be presentations on Bioethics and Society, Bioethics and the Environment, Bioethics and Health, and Bioethics and Law. <You know, of course, that these will be in Spanish and it is something to do even if you need 5 years of Spanish classes before you can do it.>

Community tourism – The community of Ucumari in the El Progreso Parish in Nabón Cantón on the way to Loja, is offering community tourism experiences. The agricultural community grows wheat, barley and coffee as well as lemons, limes, yucca, sugar cane, and banana; and encourages tourists to join the minga during the harvest, threshing, and planting seasons. You will see the daily life of people in the community and there is also a trail to a canyon where there is bat cave. <I’m guessing a bunch of you are thinking “eww” to a bat cave.> You can wash the bat poop out of your hair in natural pools along the crystal clear Ucumari River. <If you can stand the cold water.> The Municipal government has a campaign called “Nabón, Productos Limpios” which might be a good place to start if you’re interested.

Otras Cosas –

Titulo – Emelec es líder; el Macará acecha (Emelec is a leader; the Macará lurks) <Fútbol stuff so you’re on your own>

Bus crash – A Turismo Oriental bus overturned early yesterday morning at the entrance to the community of Columbe in Chimborazo Province killing 5 and injuring 27 people. The two conductors on the Cuenca-Quito route were detained. The crash was called in to 911 at 3:46. The bus had current documents and vehicle inspections. <I wonder if the drivers are expected to meet certain schedules that are unrealistic if they hit traffic or bad weather conditions. I can’t believe that conductors are all so suicidal that they’d drive recklessly unless they’re heavily penalized for being late.>

Telecommunications services – ETAPA is offering “multipack” service packages such as phone + internet + satellite TV. Subscribers to residential Internet service have up to 3 accounts where they can log into the Red Metro Wifi which allows access to wireless internet from your mobile devices when you are outside of your house. This will start in Nov. of 2018 with the first phase ready in Feb. of 2019.

Compras, discuentos y anuncios –

Ad for new municipal hospital – the hospital offers ultrasounds, Xrays, mammograms, radiografía, and free harelip surgery, and free pediatric consults. Specialist consultations $7.00. Hours are from 8-20:00, M-F and 8-12:00 on Sat. <But there’s no address.>

And that´s all for today so hasta ? –


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