Jefferson Pérez for mayor: Emphasize public transportation in rural areas, More economic development, Push medical, adventure tourism

Feb 18, 2019

Domingo, 17/2//2019

Hola, Todos –
Bonus election issue –

Mayoral candidate – Jefferson Pérez Quezada is the last of the 13 candidates to be featured and is the candidate for the Renace movement (Lista 107). He is Ecuador’s only gold Olympic medalist (in speedwalking) and has studied public and business administration in Spain. His proposals have a detailed diagnosis in the areas of mobility, production, citizen security (public safety?), rural sector conditions, and form of government. He would:

Jefferson Perez during his gold medal run at the Atlanta Olympics.

Make the Tranvía only one part of an integrated public transportation system, and his plan would include service to rural sectors. He has a study about feeding the transportation system which would include small buses and transfer trunks routes to give people in rural areas access to urban transport. He would use “cuadrículas de planificación” (planning grids – your phrase for the day) to avoid buses needing to traverse, for example, all of El Centro to go from the south to north. Another proposal is to implement advanced technology systems to provide buses with data, audio and video of information about the bus itself and traffic. He would tie the bus cards in with other benefits such as Farmasol and tax benefits (or payments?).

Support a referendum on mining projects in the jurisdiction to allow the citizenry to be heard.

Address security by encouraging citizens to use public spaces through a project called “jorgas” (a group of people working together – also gangs <but I don’t think that is the intended meaning here>) to improve citizens’ coexistence. He would create an integrated monitoring center run by ECU911 and including the Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana and private cameras in public areas.

Assess the impact of relocating the terminal terrestre on commercial activity, hotels, restaurants and others. He would keep the terminal, but for rural transport.

Key issues for Cuenca –

Transporte publico – He proposes a plan called “Todo a 30 minutos está bien” (Everything in 30 minutes is good) to modify transport habits. If you can walk it in 30 minutes, walk. If you can bike it in 30 minutes, pedal. If you can get there on a bus in 30 minutes, bus it. <Which means you save the car for out of town trips since there’s not much of Cuenca that takes more than 30 minutes to get to by bus.>

Desarrollo productivo -He proposes to obtaining the declaration of a special zone for economic development which would allow for the design of a New Industries park and also a Technology and Innovation Park.

Incentivos para turismo – He proposes a plan to promote medical; adventure; and science, research and technology tourism. The local government would help in building demand and designing international campaigns. <And make sure that those medical tourists – mostly N. Americans – don’t skip town without paying their bills, which has been a problem for doctors and hospitals.>

Secretaría de seguridad – He proposes creating a Secretary of Security, Risk Management, and Coexistence to improve the organization of his initiatives for security including public and private entities.

Camal municipal – He proposes “una tecnificación” (technical improvements?) and relocation of the slaughterhouse where proper treatment of the waste to avoid pollution can be guaranteed, and to take advantage of those waste products to make fertilizer.

Ubicación del aeropuerto – He considers moving the airport a medium to long range project, and with that viewpoint, he would consider immediate actions to improve security conditions and increase demand from passengers.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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