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The Expat Community Journalism Fund was created in response to our readers’ requests for more in-depth news and features. People who read our publication share a common belief – they believe the best journalism comes from on-the-ground reporting that accurately reflects what’s happening in Cuenca and other parts of Ecuador.

Another similarity among our readers is their desire to have this in-depth content without so much paid advertisements, which consistently destroys page readability and design. Contributing to the Expat Community Journalism Fund allows CuencaHighLife to hire more reporters and reduce its dependence on advertorials and banner advertising, which opens the publication for more comments and real-time community interaction.

Sponsorships are strictly voluntary and will not limit anyone’s access to CuencaHighLife. If readers choose not to contribute to the Expat Community Journalism Fund, they will still have access to the best content that CuencaHighLife can produce.

Contribute to the ECJ Fund and receive:

  • More in-depth content about Cuenca and other parts of Ecuador
  • More features about expats and expat life
  • Better page readability and design with fewer ads
  • Business and restaurant reviews that are NOT paid
  • Regular opportunities to suggest content that you want to read


Support the Expat Community Journalism Fund and join a community of people in Cuenca and around the world who want to know what life is really like in Ecuador!

Choose your contribution amount.

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