Jueves, 16/3/2017: More rain forecast, Panama hat festival, Houses flooded, Argentina protests, Ceramics exhibit

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s agenda events –

Book launch – “Mickey Mouse a gogo” by Paúl Puma was presented Thurs. in the sala “Alfonso Carrasco.”  It’s set in 2100 and is about a clone who wants to escape from a technological dump.

Articles about –

XIII Festival de Cine – 775 proposals were received for this competition.  The festival will run from 3-8/4.

Festival del Sombrero – This “Panama” hat festival started Thurs. and will continue hasta el sábado.  Weavers from Cuenca, Azogues, Sígsig, and Manabí will have stalls on the Calle de la Artista (on the sidewalk next to the New Cathdral.) The Economuseo del Somberero (Rafael María Arízaga entre (between) Borrero y Luis Cordero) holds continuous weaving workshops.

Ceramic and pottery exhibit – Some 80 pieces from CIDAP’s collection of ceramics and pottery are in a show called “Canto de vida al barro” (Singing of life to the clay) at CIDAP.

Book launch – “Bajo el hábito” (Under the habit) by Pedro Artieda, was presented today at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos (Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero).  (I think it’s about a monk with secret adventures of a naughty sort.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Universidad concreta compra de exhospital (University solidifies purchase of exhospital) – The U. of Cuenca has purchased 81% of the old IESS hospital on Huayna Cápac which has been empty since 2000.  The remaining area of 3,000 sq. meters is for the Centro del Adulto Mayor (Senior Center) which currently operates there.  The U. will pay $5,800,000 over 10 years with an interest rate of 6.5%, and an $800,000 down payment.

The university plans to use the space for innovation, technological development, and technology transfer in public-private alliances which will allow the financing of reconstruction in the old hospital.  One idea would be to provide medical services through a “Centro de Innovación para la Salud” (Center for Innovation for Health) which would be created, although it would need equipment and personnel from the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

Weather Forecast – EPAPA’s “Red Hidrometeorológica (Hydrometeorological network reports 90% chance of rain today and tomorrow, and 80% on sabado.  (ETAPA as Mom – “bundle up and bring your umbrella.” – only ETAPA’s announcement was in motherly Spanish.)   (And here’s your sliver of life – some of the government services provided to you.)  The Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana (CSC – municipal police – at least that’s what the employees’ jackets say – I’m looking at a photo) continuously moniters the river through high definition cameras with night vision capable of a 200 m. range. ETAPA’s flow monitoring network exchanges information with the CSC.  The camera units can also show a message.  If the monitors see someone dangerously close to or in the river they can send the Guardia Ciudadana to move him.

At least 4 houses have been flooded.  ETAPA, the fire department, city public works workers, and EMAC (city garbage company) all helped clean the houses.  (Pretty good municipal services – maybe since private insurance is so rare.  Your house could rot from mold before a private insurer settles the claim.)  One area that always floods is av. Los Migrantes in lower Ricaurte.  Studies to fix the problem will be finished in a few days, after which it can go to public bid with construction starting after the rainy season.

San Joaquín – The parish 4 km. from Cuenca is celebrating 72 years as a Parish.  It is known for truck gardens, roast meats, and basketry.  Here’s the schedule for Sunday:
9:00 – mass
10:00 – parade (I think this is the invitation I declined.  Some of the kids at the school I help must be marching.)
13:30 – multi-sector fair
14:00 – music
15:40 – choreography “Reinas de San Joaquín” (Queens of San Joaquín – sounds like a reality show title.)
16:00 – a show with Iván Peralta, El Hombre Voz, and the Embálate group.

Road signage – MTOP (Ministry of Transport and Public Works) and the Ministry of Justice, to promote the rehabilitation of prisoners, are working on a project for road signage.  Some 30,000 signs will be installed on the Red Vial Estatal (National Road System – hallelujah) in 8 provinces including Cañar, Morona Santiago and Loja.  The first 3,000 signs were delivered to Guayas this week.  (Did prisoners really make license plates in the US or was that some urban myth I bought into?)

Operation “Pionero” – Traffic control and police officers were checking vehicles on the vía Cuenca-Loja looking for informal transportation of passengers, artesanal liquor (moonshine), arms, illegal substances (like baking soda?), and objects of doubtful origin.  They issued 10 citations including having passengers in the “baldes” (beds – also buckets or pails) of “camionetas” (pickup trucks) and not using the “cinturón de seguridad” (safety belt). (Your words for today have an automotive theme.)

Sea cucumbers – a foreigner (Chinese – why is that not a surprise to me) was sentenced to 1 year for selling sea cucumbers which were caught in the Galapagos and are endangered.  (A sea cucumber is a marine animal that shows up on menus in Chinatown in case you’ve never heard of them.)

Amenidades –

“Latino Music Fest” – The show will be in Punta Carnero in Santa Elena this sábado, 18/3 at 12:00.  In Cuenca, get your tickets at Ticket Show.  Cost: $35.00.

Internacional –

Brasil – Brazil will share the confessions of Odebrecht’s ex-directors in July.  The Prosecutor’s Office has issued 320 new requests to open investigations based on statements by Odebrecht about the Petrobras corruption scandal.  Over 100 polititians over the last 20 years are affected including expresidents Lula da Silva and Rousseff, and at least 5 ministers in the current government as well as Pres. Michel Temer.

Argentina – Over 40 organizations and social movements protested against poverty Wed. by blocking the main freeways into Buenos Aires, demonstrating in the center, and sharing free food in “ollas populares” (people’s pots).  The protestors want the Government to implement a Social Emergency Law which was approved last December to combat poverty which afflicts 1 out of every 3 Argentinos.

Discuentos y compras –

Home Vega – Unbeatable offers in the whole store – viernes, 17/3 to domingo, 19/3 – Av. Ordóñez Lasso y La Higuerilla (Oro Verde sector).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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