Lasso accuses Moreno of ‘lack of leadership’, says government has failed to create jobs

Jul 25, 2018

The man who narrowly lost to President Lenin Moreno in the February 2017 election says the current government lacks the focus necessary to revitalize the economy and create the new jobs it promised.

Guillermo Lasso

“There is no clarity in this administration about which way the country should go,” Guillermo Lasso says in a recent social media post. “There is an alarming lack of leadership from the president and his ministers and it often appears the government is adrift. This is reflected most dramatically in economic policy.”

Lasso, a member of Movimiento Creando Oportunidades (CREO), points to the government’s failure to generate 250,000 new jobs a year that Moreno promised during the presidential campaign. “Not only have those 250,000 jobs not been generated, but jobs have actually been lost,” he says. “There has been no clarity in the economic policies and this is the result of poor leadership.”

Lasso claims that much of the problem is the result of confusion within the ranks of Moreno’s Alianza Pais. “It has been a mess since Rafael Correa left office,” he says. “Are we still operating under the rules of Correismo or not? Who knows?”

He adds: “The government should look inside its own ranks and see how much unity there is. If it did, they would see that there is very little.” In a series of recent Tweets, Lasso says the rapid turnover in economic leadership positions proves his point.

Lasso has already announced his intention to run again for president in 2021.

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