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Like other Latin American countries, Chile will not restrict Huawei’s access to cell market

Saying that it is “open to all fair competition,” Chile will not put any restrictions on the Chinese cell phone and internet service company Huawei. The country’s vice minister for commerce, Rodrigo Yáñez Benítez, said he is unaware of any security problems regarding the company’s products and activities.

Huawei is rapidly gaining dominance in the Latin American cell phone market.

To date, no Latin American country has heeded the suggestion of U.S. President Donald Trump to limit access for Huawei, which is rapidly gaining communication dominance in the region. The U.S. contends that Huawei phones and networks are embedded with Chinese spyware.

Huawei is the top seller of smart phones in several Latin American countries, including Chile and Ecuador.

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“We have found Huawei to be a responsible partner in advancing Chile’s communication agenda and we do not expect that to change,” Benitez said. “We consider the issues that the United States has with the company to be a bi-lateral matter.”

He added that he is aware of the complaints made by the U.S. against Huawei. “I have listened carefully to the officials who have brought up the subject but we see no evidence of any problems in Chile,” Benitez said. “We make no exclusions for companies or countries when it comes to technology and see no reason why we should in this case.”

42 thoughts on “Like other Latin American countries, Chile will not restrict Huawei’s access to cell market

  1. Just another case of American political paranoia. When they are not considerd numero Uno they start to whine.

      1. Fortunately, only a minority are. Most realize it’s an ego trip — and a pathetic one at that — for Donald Trump.

      2. Yes, the US has been working hard to pressure governments around the world to ban Huawei and for some it’s working.

    1. It’s not even about paranoia. It’s about US companies unable to keep up with Huawei in the industry so they cry to the government to ban their competition.

      1. Huawei stole the information from Nortel, Cisco, Motorola just to name a few. So to say the companies are unable to keep up to Huawei, the one who did the stealing, is unrealistic and unreasonable.

        1. If you want to talk about industrial espionage (something that goes on in every country), you can’t leave out General Electric, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Motors, and pretty much every major industrial corporation on the planet. Governments, including the US, steal other countries’ industrial secrets regularly. The CIA has an entire department devoted to it. That doesn’t change the fact that despite millions of Huawei products available for meticulous dissection and inspection, the US government has yet to show anybody where Huawei has installed spyware or monitoring hardware in their devices.

  2. Why on earth would any country far enough away from US bullying ban Huawei? This sad fuss is merely another poorly disguised attempt of the US government to do the bidding of US billionaires. In this case, the goal is to kill foreign business competition and to prevent technological advances elsewhere.

    Very shortsighted. It invites the Chinese government to throw its massive war-chest and the incredible Chinese brain power behind Huawei. That should soon create replacements for any American needs. When that happens, Chinese technology will be seriously cheap (without the super expensive American techno-components they now use). They will take over the rest of that world market, save for the US and its forced supporters, who will pay many times more for less. Economic policy has regressed comically.

    The super sad thing is that the US has compromised Canada and Canadians by twisting the extradition treaty between the two countries to imprison a Huawei exec and risk innocent Canadian lives.

    Does anyone care? When our Iran embassy staff risked their lives for Americans years ago, it was made into a Hollywood movie, playing down that Canadian sacrifice as it was thought more profitable to pretend it was an American act of heroism rather than Canadian.

    This is America and Americans as the world knows them.

      1. Sure.

        1. American music, any type from Gershwin to Bruce.(except the cowboy stuff)
        2. Apalachicola
        3. The Inn at Little Washington.

        But it is impossible to lie. The term “The Ugly American” was not created yesterday. Many of the glaring failings were ignored, inside America because of the propaganda and the ingrained conviction that speaking of anything wrong was somehow unpatriotic..even treasonous. They might have gotten rid of Joe McCarthy, but then they made as many as they could just like him. It was ignored outside America, because your allies hoped you were merely naive, and had good hearts.

        But we now see we were wrong. (shiver)

        1. I like Apalach too but hate that Atlanta has sucked so much water out of the bay that it’s ruined the oystering. When I go back, I spend most of my time on the water and at my brother’s place on Carrabelle Beach.

          1. I didn’t know! 🙁 Is the fishing ruined as well?

            Well strike that one off the list. There were so many places I once loved in the USA that have been ruined by the natives! We adored the oysters. Used to stay at the Water Street Inn, next to an oyster landing. We would go for days only eating oysters.

          2. Larry..this is what my Atlanta friends say:

            “The oystering was ruined because in fear of damage to the oysters if one
            of the oil spills a few years back got to Apalachicola., They (I presume the Flrida or Federal Government) eliminated the limits on oyster fishing. When this happened, the fishermen fished out the bay, essentially killing future harvests.”

          1. I wish that were true, dear Acbig1. I can see that my American places I
            love(d) list did not meet your approval. Was it Apalachicola or the music? How can you not like American music??!!!

            I certainly don’t love to hate..but if the shoe fits, you guys must wear it. I would feel remiss as a human being if I saw others destroying themselves and the planet and wrote nothing. Actually, that is what amazes me the most. That most of the “good” Americans, statistically in the majority, keep quiet. It seems to be a characteristic of the anglophone world.

            1. Please don’t misunderstand my comment. Your list of places that you love were not in consideration of my comment. I was making reference to the rest of your comment. Way to much “opinionated” hate.

        2. In that novel, the ugly American was the good guy (who considered himself ugly). He was contra-juxtaposed the us diplomatic cops, er corps. Politics & politicians & the so-called great game – which has nada to do with joeblow citizen (of any openair prison country) except for hisher useful idiocy mulcting to collateralize all that collateral damaging. Title was playing off Greene’s The Quiet American which was the same story: bad guy (one of ‘em, the murican one) was CIA. ::: You got a stars & stripes blindfold so tight across your eyes your brain can’t breathe.

    1. As the world, aka globe, “knows” “them.”

      Three things I like about globe artichokes: their hearts are in the right place, every time; their arguments from gustatory are compelling & never choke; & Cynar’s sinless, & so a heluva’ stone caster.

  3. Clinton invaded and destroyed the Balkans under orders from the U.S. computer industry. The Balkans, home of Tesla and other geniuses, had seen its computer industries grow too big, too fast, for the liking of IBM, Apple, Microsoft, etc; so they had to be smashed. No different than any other U.S. invasions. Maybe China is too big to invade, so they invent sanctions instead.

  4. Chileans or other Latin Americans won’t be buying many huawei phones after August 19th if they stop getting their Google updates. And if Huawei puts a forked version of Android on their phones with a crappy third party app store, they better offer a significant discount if they want to sell them. Jajaja. As for 5g equipment, they are too dependent on Chinese investment to boycott Hauwei.

    1. Nobody is talking about Huawei Android phones, they’re talking about Huawei network equipment, which has nothing to do with Google’s OS.

  5. Can China be trusted? With all the terrible things they have done. I would say a resounding…NOOOOOO.
    The collapse of Nortel is linked to Chinese hackers and system security advisors warn that Huawei is dangerous. China spent years stealing and hacking Nortels information and China has a long history of spying for its own profit. The hackers stole usernames and passwords with sophisticated malware. Meanwhile Huawei grew and Nortel eventually went bankrupt.

    Cisco sued Huawei over theft of design and software codes. There were many other firms that were hacked by them including Motorola.
    Huawei is a professional hacking organization that steals IP from competitors and Huawei is essentially under the control of the Chinese government.

    NO one should be surprised that governments around the world are banning Huawei.

    Do I want them to have access to my usernames and passwords. Heck NO

    1. You would say a resounding NOOOOOOO, but the rest of the world realizes that the US has been and will continue to be a bigger threat than China. The US also spent most of the latter part of the 19th century and all of the 20th century spying for its own profits. All nation states do.

      And I hate to break it to you, but nobody is interested in YOUR usernames and passwords. Your opinion of your own worth, like most of your opinions, is completely unfounded.

      1. They may not be after my opinion but they surely would be interested in our bank accounts, credit cards, paypal account, and sites that take payments.

        Who do you think steals the money from these accounts. And who do you think needed money to fund the lavish over-the-top expenses for the Olympics. It was China and Russia. Millions is being hacked and stolen from credit cards from them.

        1. Right, China financed the Olympics by stealing people’s PayPal accounts. Apparently being the largest lender on the planet isn’t lucrative enough.

          The things you say. I mean, seriously. You’re doing this on purpose, right? Nobody could possibly go through life with such an addled mind without a caregiver following them everywhere.

    2. Jason makes a very practical point, The USA and England before it, had their chance at the driver’s seat for centuries and it didn’t work out well..for the humanity or themselves. At the very height of the British Empire, Britons were starving same as what is happening in the USA now.

      I have no confidence that China will do better, they might even turn out worse, but WE KNOW that these two anglophone nations failed, over and over again, no matter who the president, PM, congress, parliament, Privy Council, or the SC was.

      And though I would give the edge to the USA over the UK at the moment, the mind bending in America is nothing the western world has seen since wartime Germany. The ability of Americans to absorb facts and think rationally has been severely compromised. I would prefer to have Huawei hacking American tech companies than have those same companies hacking OUR lives and feeding us constant falsehoods and your conspiracy theories. Do you think the world prefers their leaders assassinated by the CIA, presidentially financed insurgents, an ally who cuts-and-runs and sets up incarceration camps for little children.
      Forgive me (I still don’t know whether you are a man or woman), but Jason and I look at what America has done to YOU in what you write. It is current tragedy of the planet

  6. Make no mistake, Huawei is China. And, China is a corporation disguised as a nation state. China has colonized Latin America with the irresistible lure of purchase financing and flooded its markets with cheap and sometimes unreliable products. For most consumers, this is an acceptable arrangement because it makes many products affordable to the masses. For large, public projects like refineries or hydroelectric it can result in expensive mistakes that all citizens will have to pay for decades to come. Be careful what you wish for.

    1. So China is doing now what the U.S. has done for decades to the rest of the world. Have you read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man? Pick your poison.

    2. So now we’ll add “colonized” to the list of words you have completely redefined beyond meaning just to fit your ideology.

        1. Keep believing that if it helps you live with yourself. I, on the other hand, prefer to base my arguments on facts rather than on contorting the English language beyond any recognition.

          But considering the fact that China barely holds 20% of the debt in Latin America, with the United States holding almost all the rest, doesn’t that really mean we’re just a US colony? I mean, the US also has dozens of military bases throughout the region and their fleet regularly menaces the coastlines of countries they seek to influence. Surely that fits your newly broadened definition of colonization better than a country with no bases outside its own borders and barely 1/5 of the debt.

  7. You’d think that after all these months of accusations, it would be a very simple task for the NSA to point out the spyware and spying hardware built into Huawei phones, but to date they haven’t provided a shred of proof.

    I wonder why.

  8. So once again, in what is becoming increasingly the norm, leaders of other countries are saying they know donthecon and his sycopahants are simply full of crap and pathological liars, and they don’t believe a word that comes from the U.S. administration.. Maybe donthecon’s nearly 11,000 documented lies tipped them off.

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