Like other Latin American countries, Chile will not restrict Huawei’s access to cell market

Jun 18, 2019 | 42 comments

Saying that it is “open to all fair competition,” Chile will not put any restrictions on the Chinese cell phone and internet service company Huawei. The country’s vice minister for commerce, Rodrigo Yáñez Benítez, said he is unaware of any security problems regarding the company’s products and activities.

Huawei is rapidly gaining dominance in the Latin American cell phone market.

To date, no Latin American country has heeded the suggestion of U.S. President Donald Trump to limit access for Huawei, which is rapidly gaining communication dominance in the region. The U.S. contends that Huawei phones and networks are embedded with Chinese spyware.

Huawei is the top seller of smart phones in several Latin American countries, including Chile and Ecuador.

“We have found Huawei to be a responsible partner in advancing Chile’s communication agenda and we do not expect that to change,” Benitez said. “We consider the issues that the United States has with the company to be a bi-lateral matter.”

He added that he is aware of the complaints made by the U.S. against Huawei. “I have listened carefully to the officials who have brought up the subject but we see no evidence of any problems in Chile,” Benitez said. “We make no exclusions for companies or countries when it comes to technology and see no reason why we should in this case.”

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