Local hotel joins Wyndham chain, Tram talks, New taxi app, Fiestas, Night museum tours, San Francisco Plaza displeasure, Possible gas pains

Jan 19, 2019

Sábado, 19/1/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Book recommendations for the week –
“Carvalho: Problemas de Identidad” by Carlos Zanón, published by
“Los Crímenes de Alicia” by Guillermo Martínez, published by Destino.
“La Impunidad” by Baltasar Garzón, published by Debate.

Ruta nocturna – The last “Noches Circulares” will be el próxima jueves with visits to Bienal exhibits at the Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno and the ex Escuela Central, now the Museo de la Ciudad. <It will probably start at the same time as the last one if anyone remembers when that was.> An average of over 70 people have been attending the night tours. <The photo shows museum goers getting onto a city bus.>

“Ceremonia sonora” – The “Puente Medular” (Medullary bridge) will present an event Domingo a las 21:00 in “Break” (Simón Bolívar y Padre Aguirre), a new cultural space. The bands “Mestizo” and “Taita Machine,” will play electronic native, global bass or folktrónica that merges ancestral music with electronic elements. The music is a meeting with the spiritual, healing, thanking, and dancing. Cost: $8.

San Francisco Plaza reopens soon.

“14 Pink Challengue” – Registration for this <whatever it is> starts Sunday. Register at elsubtedelachuna @gmail.com, or in the offices of Diana Vázquez in the “Subte de la Chuna” collective in the white house next to the Molinos del Batán Restaurant. The event is from 3/2 to 14/2. You can select to submit a drawing, photo or a modeling clay mold. Cost: $5 or $10.

Agenda items –

Monólogo – “El Estupendo Matrimonio de Zabalita” by Alfredo Espinoza Cordero was Saturday in the Sala “Alfonso Carrasco” <in the CCE>.

Teatro – “Teatro Pie” will present “La Película” Domingo a las 11:30 in “Break” (Simón Bolívar 10-31 y Padre Aguirre).

Festival – Groups who want to perform in the Festival de Artes Escénicas para Niños y Niñas “Lirón, Lirón” can present their proposals starting mañana. The festival itself will be from 13-28/4.

Tutoría – Cuencano actor Carlos “El Cacho” Gallegos will open his internet based Tutoría Teatral from el próximo lunes until 29/3.

Publication launch – The “Directorio del Bienes y Servicios Creativos y las Cuenca Satélite de la Cultura de Cuenca” (Directory of Creative Goods and Services and the Satellite Account of the Culture of Cuenca) will be launched el próximo martes a las 18:30 in the Corte de Justicia del Azuay. <I think this is the arts directory of artists, collectives, galleries, cultural centers, studios, etc. I told you about a long time with the advice, if you were an artist, to sign up. So did you?>

Estreno – “El Vendedor” will premier el miércoles in the Sala “Alfonso Carrasco”. Cost: $5.00 & $8.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Fiestas – There will be fiestas in 3 cantons starting Domingo with Biblián. The city will honor the 125 anniversary since the image of the Virgen del Rocío was placed in the Santuario del Zhalao. The event will start a las 9:30 in the salón de la ciudad followed by a procession through the city center to the Iglesia Matriz where there will be a mass at 11:00.

El jueves, El Tambo will celebrate its cantonization with a parade a las 9:00 starting from the Parque Central and ending outside of the Central Comercial. At 12:00 there will be a sesión solemne in the salón de la ciudad. The celebrations will run until el domingo, 27/1 with a traditional “Paseo de los Chagras” a las 9:00 starting in the Jesús del Gran Poder barrio and ending in the Plaza del Ganado with a bullfight. <I thought those were illegal – but maybe only in Cuenca.>

Cañar will celebrate its declaration as the Archeological and Cultural Capitol of Ecuador starting el sábabo, 26/1 a las 9:00 with a parade, and at 15:00 with a sesión solemne. The events, mainly concerts, will last until 7/2.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Analizan líneas de buses para abastecer al tranvía (Analysis of bus lines to feed the tram) – At the first meeting between the Cámara de Transporte and city representatives, options for feeding bus passengers to the tranvía were discussed. The CTC previously presented a proposal to the city which was discussed at the meeting and will be subject to technical, economic, legal and financing studies.

The objective of the CTC is to find out exactly how many bus passengers, estimated at 40,000 to 45,000 daily, will leave the 100 line which will be replaced by the tranvía. The 100 line which currently runs form Baños in the south to Ricaurte in the north will be converted into a feeder line which would take passengers from Baños to Control Sur and from Ricaurte to Milchichig. Other feeders would be the Eucaliptos and Yanaturo lines which would feed passengers to the transfer station at the Terminal Terrestre and the Sayausí line which would feed the transfer station at El Arenal. The transfer passengers would pay one fare with conditions, the main one being the time. The fare has still not been determined.

Initially the tranvía was designed and planned for 120,000 passengers a day, but will start with about 40,000. The system has 14 trains, 12 of which will be in service with 2 in reserve. They will run from Control Sur to Milchichig, a distance of 20.4 km round trip. The one-way trip will take an average of 35 min. The planned subsidy for the tranvía’s initial operation will be about $2 million a year, paid for from the municipal budget.

Day laborers – La Casa del Obrero (The House of the Worker) has not been well received by all of the workers, mostly in construction, that used to gather in the San Francisco Plaza to find day labor. Many of those who decided to stay at San Francisco didn’t like the new system where workers took numbers and then were assigned to contractors, preferring to negotiate directly with employers as at SF. One worker likened the Casa to a “guardería” (kindergarten – your word for the day.) <Kind of like the comments sections on web pages (on-line guarderías), only not as mean.> Workers and contractors have been showing up at both locations.

San Francisco Plaza – Excluded merchants are claiming their rights to spaces. Spaces in San Francisco Plaza have been assigned and merchants are being relocated from PRAC today. Of the 131 merchants who registered, there are spaces for only 96. Complaints include that children can’t take over their parent’s space and married couples can only have one space. One merchant said 90% of the vendors take over the spaces of their parents. <Creating a class of inherited wealth, wealth being relative.>

Public announcement – Due to traffic studies, the following redondeles will be temporarily closed – Redondel 12 de Octubre – domingo, 20/1 – from 7:00-8:00. Redondel IESS – domingo, 20/1 – from 6:00-7:00.
<Now will that be Cuencano time or gringo time?>

Hotel Zahir 360 – The hotel is now a Tryp by Wyndham hotel, the first of that brand in Ecuador. The change was made ayer (yesterday, in case you’ve forgotten or never knew).

News from Friday –

Contingency plan – Gas distributors are preparing a contingency plan if the fuel terminal in Challuabamba or the Pascuales-Cuenca pipeline have to be shut down. Those facilities are already on an emergency alert. Currently small tankers fill up at the terminal and supply gas and diesel to gas stations in Azuay, Cañar, Morona Santiago and part of Loja. If the terminal or pipeline goes out of service, large tanker trucks will have to supply fuel, as they did before the pipeline. 380,000 gallons a day were trucked into Cuenca.

Now 40 tanqueros (tankers – another word for the day) with a capacity fo 10,000 gallons will need to make the trip which costs over $700.00. The tankers serving the gas stations are too small and not prepared for the trip up the mountains. <And how do you like the idea of gas filled super tankers sharing the road up the mountain buses and their drivers?>

The fuel terminal was constructed by Odebrecht for $623 million. The original price was $250 million. The difference <sitting in tax havens?> would easily pay the $48 for repairing the terminal or the $201 for rebuilding it <and still leave plenty in the pockets of whoever caused/approved the overruns.>

“AzuTaxi” – This free app lets the user see the locations of registered taxis and call with one touch. While waiting for the cab, the rider can see a photo of the driver, his personal information and info about the vehicle. Of the approximately 3,600 legal taxis in Cuenca, about 1,200 are part of the AzuTaxi network. Riders can download the app from Play Store or the Apple Store. Once installed, you enter your personal information. To call a cab, push the “Solicitar Taxi” button. When a driver responds, the screen will show how long it will take to get to the rider who can see map and where the taxi is. <I wonder if someone unfamiliar with the city will be able to use the map?> The rider can cancel, say yes or contact the driver with a text message.

Centro de Convenciones – The Cantonal Council approved use of land belonging to the Universidad Católica next to the ciudadela Kennedy for a Convention and Events Center for Cuenca. The university will co-manage the facility which would occupy about an hectare and half. The next step will be to contract with a consultant to define the design and amount that needs to be invested.

Descuentos y compras –

A bunch of car ads which you’re probably sick of.

And that´s all for today so la próxima semana –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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