Looking for a great cup of coffee? Check out the maestro’s brew on Calle Simon Bolivar

Nov 2, 2018

In keeping with the electoral hysteria in the U.S., allow me to offer this timely battle cry.

“Extremism in the pursuit of excellent coffee is no vice.”

This could well be the mission statement of one of Cuenca’s newest, and best, purveyors of perfectly roasted, Loja-grown coffee, Mozart Coffee Cafe at Bolivar 12.54 y Juan Montalvo.

In just three months since its opening, Mozart has drawn a steady stream of newly loyal followers, pouring into the comfortable, modern cafe across the street from Hotel Maison Alcazar, and swilling in excess of 100 cups a day. Patrons have a lot to choose from.

Mozart owner Hassan Dargham prepares the brew.

I counted nearly 40 selections of coffee drinks from a fruity espresso ($1.80) to a classic Irish coffee ($4), each made with in-house roasted beans carefully chosen by owners, Hassan Dargham and  Natali Bincomo, a husband and wife team with many years of barista experience.

Their commitment to excellence is underlined by a simple gesture, prior to each cup, a dram of agua con gas is served in one-ounce glasses to freshen your palate.

Another nice touch is a wide selection of cake, Boneito quiche ($3), and scones from Rough Knuckle Sconery, a company that donates 100% of their profits to programs assisting refugees in Cuenca.

On my many visits to Mozart, I have always enjoyed a remarkably delicious cup of coffee and pastry. But, now I have new interests, as well. Mozart is serving their own selection of Arabic finger foods and morsels certain to satisfy your cravings while sipping delicious coffee in a beautiful environment.

And the music? If you like to listen to some of the greatest hits from the 18th century composed by the Bob Dylan of his day, this is the place.

Mozart Coffee Cafe: Bolivar 12.54 y Juan Montalvo; Hours; Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday from noon to  8 p.m.; Reviewer’s Comments: Cash only, family friendly, handicapped accessible; Facebook; Recommended

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