Looking for Mexican food in Vilcabamba? Mexibamba is the obvious choice

Oct 19, 2018

I have the good fortune to be working on a project that requires me to visit Vilcabamba from time to time, and boy do I love it. The dusty streets, tight little town square and lovely buildings nestled in my favorite valley are a photographer’s dreamscape.

Surprisingly, there are 27 restaurants in little Vilcabamba. Knowing this tidbit of information, I sought out one of the most common of expectations in a village that caters to visitors, a Mexican restaurant.

Finding one was easy.

Just up from Valle Sagrado y Diego Vaca de Vega is one of two Mexican restaurants of note: Mexibamba. It is a lovely place that fits well into its home. The kitchen is compact but efficient, the seating area squeaky clean and attractive. When I arrived a little after one  on a weekday, the place was bustling with guests, suggesting the popularity locals hold for the place. I sat down at a comfortable table, primed to tuck into a chicken burrito ($6.75), and tuck I did into my first ever chicken burrito filled with broccoli.

What?  I’ll confess the idea of stuffing broccoli into a burrito never occurred to me, and hopefully, with time and perhaps a little electro-shock therapy, I will forget all about it.

Mexibamba hosts Mercy and Zoraya Chanta

It was just plain weird.

With a menu featuring 24 pages of offerings, I may have made a poor choice, especially considering the rave reviews I’ve read about Mexibamba before and after my lunch. All the favs are there, tacos, fajitas, roasted goat, and all are the same price, $6.75. All of the expected cocktails are available, as well as a large selection of fruit drinks and smoothies.

Our hosts, Mercy Chanta and  Zoraya Chanta were charming and attentive.

So, don’t forget,  if you choose to soothe your travel-weary taste buds and can barely wait to munch down a chicken and broccoli burrito,  this is the place to go in Vilcabamba.

Mexibamba, Valle Sagrado y Diego Vaca de Vega; Phone 098-669-9013; Hours: 11 a.m. to close, Monday through Saturday; Cash only; Notes: Family friendly; Reviewers comment: recommended.

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