Lunes, 4/4/2016: Rains wreak havoc, World Health Day activities, Tram electrification to begin, Complaints about new bar hours

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Upcoming events

Calls for entries – for the Premio de Literatura “Aurelio Espinosa Pólit” in poetry. More info at 02-299-1700, ext. 1381 or 1460. (Anyone ready to enter a poetry competition doesn’t need a translation.  In fact, you ought to be doing this translation.)chl jeanne logo

Teatro desde Argentina – the Argentinean theater group, Teatro a Ratos (Theater Rats – so says Google.  I’m not sure if that translation takes the “a” into account, but I can’t figure out what to do with the “a” (to or of) either.) will present “Bruno y Lucy, el periplo” (Bruno and Lucy, the periplus – which is some kind of written description of a coastline useful to ship captains.  You really think I didn’t have to Google that?) on Wed & Thu at 20:00 in the Teatro del Bolsillo at Sono (Pres. Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova).  Cost: $5.00.

Espectáculo de música – discover new “sonoridades” (sonorities – it won’t be your word for the day because it’s too esoteric even for me) this Fri. at (some time or other) in the Museo Pumapungo.  Nicola Cruz, EVHA (sounds like a disease), and Mateo Kingman will bring you music from different areas of Ecuador.  Cost: $15.00.

Taller de fotografía digital – the workshop will start on Sat, 9/4 and cover composition and “réflex” (SLR), lighting and retouching.  The workshop will run 14 hours at Estudio 14.  For more info or to register, call 096-750-6499 or write

Articles about –

Iván PeñaRenaissance man who is an architect by profession as well a a philosopher, painter, musician, composer and writer. (And now I’m going to pass on some of his words of wisdom since they apply to many of us here.) El ser humano no se ha preparado para ser viejo, y cuando se jubila no sabe que hacer, no sabe a qué dedicarse, cuando la palabra “jubilación” viene de júbilo, es decir, alegría, “hacer lo que toda la vida he deseado.” (The human being has not been prepared to get old and when you retire, you don`t know what to do, what to dedicate yourself to. When the word “jubilación” (retirement) comes from “júbilo” (jubilation) i.e. joy, do what you have wanted to do all of your life.) (You’ve now graduated to a paragraph for the day. Heed those words and go sign up for that painting or dance or flyfishing class.)

María Belén Ochoa – an actress whose plays, “La maldición de los zapatos rojos” (The curse of the red shoes) and “Venus atrapamoscas” (Venus flytrap) were performed last week.  She is preparing a new show, “Taxidermia” by Diego Ortega for this Sept.

Carlos Hernández – a Cuencano composer won a contest promoted by “Concrete Timbre” in Brooklyn in the Technology category for his work “Parciales Relativos.” The musical genre is electro-acoustic based in the use of technology and mathematical algorythms.  (I have no idea what something like that would sound like.)

Otras cosas –

Titular – Alerta naranja por lluvias (Orange alert from the rains) 2 more provinces were added to the orange list bringing the total to 19.  In Cuenca, there were landslides, standing water and increase flow in the rivers.  (The photo shows one of the rivers, over its banks and creating a new pond around which cows are grazing. At the side of the road are people installing yellow “peligro” (danger – a good word to know – it could save you some hurt.) tape.  (The cows are on the wrong side of the tape because cows don’t read.)

Bacteria – at the Paute dam are being investigated by chemists at the Universidad Central de Ecuador.  The anaerobic bacteria can break down organic material from industry and domestic waste water and generate electricity.  (Soon you will be able to buy your own Ronco water purifying mini-generator.)

Día Mundial de la Salud (World Health Day) – activities are being planned including “Cicleada y Caminata por (Cycle and Walk for) el Día Mundial de la Salud” on Sun, 10/4 staring at 8:30.  The bike ride and walk will start on 12 de Abril at parque De La Madre and go to Parque El Paraíso where there will be a health fair.

Your sliver of life article today – is about the extended hours for bars and discos. Their neighbors aren’t happy even if the tourists are.  One complained about “more time, more noise, more drunks, and people (of the male variety, of course) using houses as urinals, and barf everywhere.”

Tranvia – Huayna Cápac from Gran Colombia to the redondel has been reopened for traffic.  Other stretches that are finished are Gran Colombia from calle León XIII to De Las Américas and Mariscal La Mar from Convención del 45 to De Las Américas. What is left to do at those locations is energize the electrical power for the trains.

Matriculación – 9523 cars were registered in March.  (Multiply that by 10 or 11 to see about how many cars there are in Cuenca.)  If your license plate ends with a 3, register your car this month.

Free energy saving light bulbs – if you’re a customer (as in you’ve got a light bill to support your claim), you can trade 4 used bulbs for 4 new ones until their stock is gone.

Apple festivalthis Sat, 9/4 from 9:00 in Bulán Parish in Paute.

Intercultural – Monday’s article explains the Calendario Vivencial Comunitario in Cañar with the chacana (Andean Cross) and spiral.  The 4 quadrants of the chacana show the 4 celebrations – Killa Raymi, Kápac Raymi, Pawcar Raymi and the Inty Raymi.  I think the calendar is at the Unidad Educativa Comunitaria Intercultural Bilingue.  (For more details, go to to read the whole article.)

Panama – Leaked files from the law firm Mossack Fonseca show thousands of offshore businesses created for hundreds of well known people including polititians and celebrities who have moved their assets to tax havens.

Deportes –

Speedwalking – Ecuador took the crown in the Sudamerica de Marcha in Guayaquil, winning 4 of the 7 events they entered. Cuencano Andrés Chocho won the 20km, qualifying him for the 2016 Olympics in both 20 and 50km.

Marathon – Sunday’s full marathon was won by Kenyan Margaret Toroitich in women’s and by Peruano Eulogio Bonifaz for the men’s.  (Surprising – to me, anyway – that Kenyans didn’t win everything.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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