Martes, 12/1/2016: Analyzing cultural side of funerals, more road closures, Coopera is looking for bidders

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Piano – Pianist David Encalada León plays on 1/12 at 20:00 in the MMAM.

Pintura – a show calle “Naturaleza Viva” by Bernarda chl jeanne logoArguello will be at the Quinta Bolívar until 31/1.

Exposición – “Montañas y ríos sin fin” will open Thu. at 19:00  in MMAM.  The exhibit will include video are, sculpture and painting. (Does the opening include food?)

Articles about –

An interview with the CCE presidential candidate from List 2, Carlos Vásconez. (My comments from yesterday still apply.)

A US educated ethnomusicologist, flautist and flute collector, Jay Loomis will play in a concert tomorrow at 20:00 as part of the Segundo Festival Internacional de Música Académica Contemporánea.  He will have a workshop on Músicas Folclóricas del Mundo (I think you can all figure out what that says – and if you can’t, get out your dictionary.) tomorrow that will combine traditional Irish music with Andean music and finish with the concert.  (I bet that’ll be a beautiful mix.  The article also implies that the workshop participants will be part of the concert, but I don’t know if I got that part right.  That implies the workshop is for people who are already musicians.)  He will also hold a workshop on flutes – construction, and flutes of the world on 18 & 19/1 in the Sala Comunitaria at the Museo Pumpapungo at 15:00.  Free.  For the schedule of the Festival (FIMAC), go to Fimac Cuenca on Facebook.

Martes de Cine Francés started last week and will continue into Feb. each Martes (your word for the day – Tuesday, although if you’ve been reading these translations, you should already have a good grip on the days of the week.) at 19:00 in the auditorium at the Alianza Francesa. The schedule of films is:  today- Tristesse Club, 19/1 – Le Havre, 2/2 – Amitiés Sincere, 16/2 – La belle personne, and 23/2 – Les beaux jours. All films are in French with subtitles (pretty sure those’ll be in Spanish) and free.

Analizan lado cultural de lo fúnebre (Analyzing the cultural side of funerals) (Besides the health concerns, wouldn’t just about all sides of funerals be cultural?) – “Representaciones de la muerte” (Representations of death) will be on 1/13 at 17:30 in the auditorium of the Museo de las Conceptas (Hermano Miguel 6-33 y Juan Jaramillo).  Panel members will include Eduardo Moscoso, director of the Centro Cultural El Prohibido, Luis Bernal from the School of Psychology at the U of Cuenca, and Alberto del Campo Tejedor, anthropology professor.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Messi logra más de lo que imaginó cuande era niño (Messi accomplished more than he imagined when he was a child)  The Argentine fútbol player just won his 5th Golden Ball (so this guy now has 2-1/2 pairs of gold plated balls).

Road closure – (more coverage just in case you missed yesterday’s article) on the Panamericana Sur at the “Y” of Santa Teresa.  (A written description of the detours for private cars and heavy vehicles follows – I’m just hoping the detour signage is good.  Not the kind that tells you “desvio,” takes you off the road, and never tells you where or how to get back on.)

Prospecciones arqueológicas – (Archeological surveys) in calle Santa Ana. Workers have exposed drains dating back to the Republican era which are being evaluated.

Coopera – the liquidator for the Coopera is calling for bids on three properties in Naranjal owned by the Coopera with an accumulated value estimated at almost $1 million.  Bids are due on Fri, 15/1.

The Museo de la Cuidad – in the cantón El Tambo has a collection of 5,000 pieces of which 2,300 are exhibited.  They include ceramics, stone, spondylus shell and metal from the Inca and Cañari cultures.  They’re housed in an 80 year old hotel that used to house train travelers.

Pres. Correa is opening two mega-water projects today for flood control in Cañar and Naranjal.

Electronic bracelets – are being considered for use to save money and to relieve overcrowding in jails.  These could be used for inmates who have served 60-80% of their sentences for minor crimes and also for people over 65 or with grave illnesses who have been sentenced to house arrest.  This would free police who currently monitor these “inmates” for regular duty. (So if any of you gringos of tercera edad gets arrested, ask for house arrest and your new fashion accessory.)

Used cars – the paperwork just got easier (if you don’t speak Spanish it will still be difficult).  You can take your “compra-venta” (buy-sell) contract to a notaría to legalize the contract and the notaría will enter the data into the Sistema de Matriculación Vehicular del Servicio de Rentas Internas (SRI) (Vehicle Registration System of the IRS) which will save you a trip to the SRI.  (I think.)  As a buyer of a used car, you still need to go to a financial institution authorized to accept the 1% transfer fee and then to the matriculation office (like Dept of Motor Vehicle) to register the car.  (If you’re not speaking Spanish yet, better get a facilitator.)

Construction of a new bridge – over the Tomebamba at El Batán to connect calle Guayas with Pres. Córdova has been suspended.  (Probably for financial reasons.) The bridge would cost $1.5 million and 9 properties would need to be bought for about $850,000.

“Semanas Internacionales en Cuenca” (International Weeks in Cuenca) – will start at the end of Feb. with China and include countries such as Perú, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, Argentina and Venezuela in this bimonthly event.  This city program is a continuation of last year’s successful Semanas Internacionales. The events will include cultural activities, arts and gastronomy.  (I hope the gastronomy will be more than just mountains of chaulafan.  Wouldn’t it be great if they had jiao dze or kuo tie? (Dumplings or potstickers?)

Women architects and engineers – will have a meeting from 7-11/3 in the Hotel Oro Verde on the theme of “Empoderamiento de la Mujer para el Desarrollo de Equidad” (Empowerment of women for the development of Equity.)

Your sliver of life article for today – is the call by the Comisión de Gestión Ambiental (Environmental Management Commission) for nominations for Árboles Patrimoniales (Patrimonial Trees) to be submitted by 31/3 at 18:00.  ( I don’t think they’re going to accept any nominations for eucalytus trees.)

Internacional –

Venezuela – the opposition (to the presidency of Maduro and Chavanismo, which holds a majority in the Assembly) will not support an emergency decree or any isolated measure to confront the economic crisis.  They want a complete change.

Costa Rica – 180 Cubans will leave and resume their journey to the US in a pilot program for adults who meet certain requirements – like having $555 for the cost of a flight to northern Costa Rica and a bus to the Guatemalan-Mexican border.  Once they’re in Mexico, they’ll have to find their own way to the US. (So basically, the Costa Rican authorities are just passing on the problem to the Mexicans and in reality the Cubans are no closer to the US than before.)

Chile – has created a new Ministerio de Pueblos Indígenas (Ministry of Indigenous Peoples) to pay the historical debt to the amerindian peoples and one group of Polynesians that inhabited what is now Chile before the arrival of the Spanish.  (I hope that this ministry does a better job than the Bureau of Indian Affairs in the US.  I wonder where the Polynesians lived?  Easter Island was depopulated ages ago.)

Bolivia – Pres. Morales says that the campaign to vote “no” on the upcoming referendum on elections is being financed from the US.  (Not something that would surprise me – Morales is not on the US’s good guy list.)

Deportes –

The Dakar rally – has arrived in the sand dunes.  (The photos look like a scene from Mad Max with motos, ATVs, SUVs, and a big truck that looks like the trucks that pump out your septic tank.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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