Mayor fires workers as part of austerity plan, Ingapirca management criticized, Inti Raymi and ag fair, Firefighters object to pay conditions

Jun 11, 2019 | 3 comments

Martes, 11/6/2019

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Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

XVII Festival Artesanías de América (17th Crafts of America Festival) – CIDAP has selected the 57 crafts people and designers who will be inside the National Pavillion. This is the festival that coincides with the Independence of Cuenca, and this year it also coincides with the 45th anniversary of declaring Cuenca the seat of CIDAP.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Feria – There will be an agricultural fair and Inti Raymi celebration el sábado, 22/6 at the Parque Lineal in Paute from 10-16:00. The highlight will be the unveiling of the World’s Biggest Wooden Spoon which measures 20.06 m. in length and 1.51 m. high. The fair will include prepared food and chemical free agricultural products from members of 40 organizations.

The Canari and Inca ruins at Ingapirca.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Debaten manejo del Complejo Ingapirca (Management of the Ingapirca Complex debated) – Assemblywoman Encarnación Duchi spoke about the necessity of involving the local governments and communities around this archeological site. She observed that the management of Ingapirca by the Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural (INPC – National Institute of Cultural Heritage) has not complied with a strategic objective of promoting tourism or developing the communities around the complex and the Qhapac Ñan. Strengthening community participation in conservation processes has not happened, nor has the complex been adequately publicized which has not helped tourism or boosted the local economy. The knowledge gathered from the archeological research is not being publicized to the community. <Is this place run by academics more interested in studying the customs of dead Cañaris than in engaging with their living descendants?>

Bonos – The Government announced its intent to rebuy medium term 2020 bonds with proceeds from the sale of longer term 2029 bonds. One of the objectives is to improve the profile of the maturity dates of the bonds and reduce their “stock” and the associated fiscal pressure. <Kicking the can down the road.>

Austerity plan – As part of his austerity plan, Mayor Palacios fired a block of contracted municipal servants for a monthly savings of $200,000. <Hope they weren’t garbage collectors or park maintenance workers from EMAC.> The number of employees to be let go will be announced this week. Palacios also announced that the reduction of 85 cars to 28 will save an estimate $600,000 a year. The Mayor has 2 more months to revise the budget which was approved in 2018 and extended, and is currently at $274,039,519.

Firefighters – A group of volunteer firefighters complained that the Código Orgánico de las Entidades de Seguridad Ciudadana y Orden Público (Organic Code of Citizen Security and Public Order Entities) is unconstitutional for violating fundamental legal and constitutional rights of the volunteer force which has the same training as the paid firefighters. Currently, Cuenca has 127 paid and 213 volunteer firefighters who have the duty to attend to emergencies and fulfill shifts.

Science prize winners – 4 students from the U. of Azuay were chosen to represent Ecuador in the 3d Hackhaton Mundial de Transporte Público in Stockholm, Sweden. They were split into 2 teams with one team working with 3 foreigners to create “TRES” which was a program to collect food waste from buses to create green energy for sustainable transportation. This team won 1st prize. <Do riders throw away that much food on buses? Those buses must be rolling trash bins.> The 2nd team’s project was for passengers going to airports to share rides to decrease CO2 emissions. This project won 3d place.

Mumps – Various cases of mumps have been found in Quito. The Ministerio de Salud is doing an epidemiological investigation of the cases. Advise to parents includes hand washing, use of antiseptic gel, isolating suspected and confirmed cases for 9 days, ventilating and disinfecting the area where the patient is, and disinfecting contaminated items.

Internacional –

Venezuela – In addition to its economic crisis, “Hay fuga de celebros” (There is a brain drain). 20,000 employees have left the Corporación Eléctrica Nacional (Corpoelec) in the last 12 months. The lack of personnel has generated de-professionalization in the electric industry and created unsafe working conditions. <Probably was a factor in the blackouts, too.>

Inflation slowed in mayo to 31.3% with an accumulated 905.6% for the first 5 months of the year. In 2018, the year closed with a 1,700,000% inflation rate. <Geez, it would be cheaper to use Bolívares for toilet paper than buying it.>

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