Mayor says tram ‘prophets of disaster’ will be proven wrong, says tram fare will be 35 cents

Jul 27, 2018

In an interview on Radio Voz del Tomebamba Friday morning, Cuenca Mayor Marcelo Cabrera, insisted that tram construction will be complete in October. “We will meet the deadline,” he said, pointing to Friday morning’s successful test through the historic district.

Mayor Marcelo Cabrera answers questions this morning on Radio Tomebamba. (El Tiempo)

“Work is continuing normally on the project and the schedule will be maintained through the testing phase,” he added.

Following tests, the tram will become fully operational in early March, he said.

Cabrera also took a shot a critics of tram construction, saying that the “prophets of disaster” will be proven wrong. On Monday, two municipal council members requested that the national government assume control of construction and testing.

“We inherited a project that was far behind schedule and we have worked hard to finish it,” he said. “We are not celebrating yet, we are not inaugurating anything, we are simply focusing on meeting deadlines at this point.”

Cabrera and tram project manager, Jaime Guzmán, who was interviewed on Radio Pública FM, said there has been no change in the tram fare of 35 cents.

The mayor said he will probably run for reelection in 2019 election but is not ready to make an announcement. “For the moment, I will continue to work for all Cuencanos and see the tram project through to completion.”

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