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Measles confirmed in Venezuelan refugee child

Ecuador’s Ministry of Health reports that an 18-month-old child living in Cuenca has the measles. According to the ministry, the child contracted the disease outside of the country before her family moved to Cuenca.

Ecuador’s health ministry recommends that children under the age of seven be vaccinated for measles.

It is one of seven cases reported in Ecuador in 2018 and the first in Cuenca.

“Due to the influx of foreigners into Ecuador, particularly from Venezuela, we are establishing special protocols to deal with diseases such as measles,” says the ministry’s director of prevention, Ronal Cedeño.

He said that a quarantine has been established in the María Auxiliadora neighborhood, where the affected child lives, and said cautionary signs will be posted in Cuenca’s main bus terminal.

The ministry is recommending that all children under the age of seven be vaccinated for measles and that children from Venezuela and Colombia under the age of 15 be vaccinated.