Medicine ‘mafia’ at hospitals, Traffic law changes debated, Love in the ruins, IESS services for seniors, Electric car sales

Jun 27, 2019 | 4 comments

Miércoles, 26/6/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Workshop – There will be a workshop on singer/songwriter songs el sábado, 29/6 from 10:00 a 13:00 at the Casa Municipal del Artista (av. Loja next to the Arco de Yanuncay) <I think it’s the recently restored house next to the Río Yanuncay across the river from 1 de Mayo.

“Morrongo” – This obra de clown (clown work) is a comic monologue by Omar Barbecho. It will premier el viernes a las 19:30 in “La Cueva del Artista” (Francisco de Orellana y Los Conquistadores) and move to Break (Juan Jaramillo 4-81 y Mariano Cueva) el sábado with preformances at 20:00 & 21:00.

Short film – “Ave de papel” will be shown Thursday a las 19:00 in República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 y Hermano Miguel). It’s a love story set in Cuenca during the 1999 banking crisis in Ecuador.

12 de Abril market

Otras cosas –

Titular – Sobreprecio en la compra de medicinas (Overprices in medicine purchases) – Overprices of more than 100% have been found in medicine and supplies purchases at 2 IESS hospitals in Guayaquil. According to the Comisión Nacional Anticorrupción (CNA – National Anticorruption Commission), there is a mafia within the institution which buys medicine from a distributor and later sells it to IESS at more than double the price.

IESS services to adults – Affiliates over 60 can participate in the Centro De Atención al Adulto Mayor (CAM) on av. República y Huayna Cápac (old IESS hospital). The affiliates can enjoy workshops such as music, dance, painting, crafts, bailoterapia, and photography. The workshops are assigned according to the cognitive necessities and affinities that the senior has. <Such as doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish?> To get these free services present your retirement card or for individual, voluntary subscribers, you should have a record of your payments and your cedula.

Mercado 12 de Abril – 17 vendors of used major and small appliances will not be allowed to sell used items in the market. They were in the market before the remodeling and are currently on Eloy Alfaro next to the market. The city made a policy change that only new or artisanal products could be sold inside the market so those 17 vendors would have to change their stock to new items. One vendor has been in this business over 35 years. The Dirección Municipal de Mercados is conducting a registry of the merchants at all the mercados including the itinerant markets in Narancay and Quinta Chica. According to a new ordinance, a family is only allowed one space and there shouldn’t be people with spaces all over the place. This registry should be finished in 3 weeks.

Electric cars – Kia Motricentro Cuenca is projecting 200 electric cars will be sold by the end of the year. Last year’s sales of electric cars of all makes was 130. As of 4/7, there will be 0 tariffs on electric cars. <A different kind of Independence Day.> Currently, most of these cars are in circulation in Quito, Guayaquil, Loja and Galápagos.

Ley de Tránsito, Transporte Terrestre y Seguridad Vial (Law on Traffic, Land Transport and Road Safety) – The Asamblea is debating this law and representatives from the transportation industry are seeking to modify it. Assembly woman Lourdes Cuesta pointed out that since 2016, sanctions have reduced the number of traffic accidents, injuries and deaths. ANT statistics show that from enero to mayo of this year, 148 buses in public service have been involved in 88 accidents resulting in 126 injuries and 13 deaths. So far in junio, 12 buses have been in accidents in different provinces resulting in 7 deaths and serious material damage. The primary cause of accidents has been driving with distractions such as phones, video screens <So your computer game is more important than that sharp curve ahead?>, eating or applying make up. The other factor is speeding which applies across all modes of transport.

Transportation providers want to reduce fines for traffic infractions and eliminate license points, substituting community service instead. Rep. Cuesta said she would not support any modification that result in toothless sanctions, since sanctions were exactly what helped reduced the accident rate. A bus and cargo company owner said the point system has left many professional drivers without work. <Wasn’t that the point? To get those drivers too careless or reckless to drive out from behind the wheel?> An ex-director of EMOV said buses should pass 2 vehicle inspections each year. This was changed to once a year by Pres. Correa in 2016 as requested by transportation organizations. <Do you think it cost them anything? Or should the question be “How much?”>

Deportes –

Bicicross track – The track on Remigio Crespo will be remodeled. The Track Rmodeling Commission needs to do a hydrosanitary study and an electrical study to get $2 million in funding for construction which could start in octubre and last 6-9 months. The track will have a 6 meter high point with lanes for 8 riders and be made of “soiltac” which has a 10 year life span.

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –


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