Miércoles, 6/4/2016: Quinua food fair, Info on Cuenca Foundation exhibits, Concerns about cobblestones, Attorney General defends himself

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Upcoming events –

Concierto – and awards ceremony with the winners of the pasillos festival this coming Mon. at 19:30 in the Teatro Pumapungo.chl jeanne logo

“Bruno y Lucy, el periplo” – a work by the Teatro a Ratos Thurs (14/4) at 20:00 in the Teatro de Bolsillo del Sono (Pres. Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova).

Russian filmsThursday’s film will be “La Reina de las nieves” (The Snow Queen) at 10:00 in the Sala de Conciertos de la Casa de la Cultura.

Articles about –

Eudoxia Estrella – is a Cuencana watercolorist whose show opened today in the Salón del Pueblo at 18:00.  About 30 pieces are in the “Acuarelas para la historia” (Watercolors for history) exhibit.

“El Miche” – is bringing his 2 hour espectáculo of humor to the Teatro Pumapungo on Sat. at 20:00.  Get tickets at Librimundi (Hermano Miguel y Mariscal Sucre). Proceeds benefit the Festival Internacional Escenarios del Mundo (Stages of the World International Festival).

Photo exhibit – by Ila Coronel opened today in the newly reopened “Sala Proceso. Arte Contemporáneo” in the CCE. (Luis Cordero 7-22 y Pres. Córdova.  The entrance is next to the lobby of the Teatro Casa de la Cultura.).  The artist is showing photos of people in the community of Sarar who have Caucasian features, pale skin, red hair, and blue or green eyes.  Residents of Sarar don’t know where these characteristics came from but guess that it was through immigration.  Coronel is hoping to attract the interest of anthropologists.  (Those of you who believe in UFOs can believe that it was interbreeding with aliens.)

A concert ad – Serenata a Cuenca (Serenade to Cuenca) with Toa, Tadashi Maeda, Diego Zamora, Karen Lynn Kennedy, Verónica Tola, and Andrea Ruilova – Fri at 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo.  Tickets at Mas Musika (Borrero 7-47 y Pres. Córdova).  Cost: $10.00.

Otras cosas –

TitularEl fiscal se defiende tras ‘filtraciones’ (Prosecuter defends himself after leaks) – Ecuador’s Attorney General, Galo Chiriboya, whose name was in the Panama Papers, said he formed Madrigal Finance to buy a house in Quito. Investigations were opened on different fronts including the SRI, Comisión de Fiscalización of the National Assembly, and the Attorney General. Various politicos spoke about conflicts of interest in the investigations, admitted that having an off-shore corporation is legal as long as they were declared and taxes paid.  (I have a feeling that retirees who needed to form corporations in order to buy real estate are going to need to call their lawyers and accountants soon.  Why go after the big cheese when you can get the little guy?  And I wonder if “filtraciones” can be used to describe what’s happening with your roof?))

ETAPA  – is looking at the pros and cons of the 15% tax increase on business land lines.  It will introduce SIP telephones which use Internet with fiber optic connections and are the same as VoIP phones.  The new product is directed at foreign residents of Cuenca, Cuencanos residing abroad and people traveling outside of the country. People can use it from any where in the world to call fixed and mobile phones at a rate of $.007/min.  (I don’t know if I got the technical stuff straight, but I think it’s like Skype for your phone.)

700 spaces – have been assigned for the Fundación de Cuenca festival which starts Fri and runs to Tues.  All spaces for artesans have been filled.  Similar products have been grouped together so paintings are on El Barranco between the El Vado Bridge and el Centenario with a space in the middle for “arte vivo”.  There will also be paintings at the Puente Roto.  From the puente Mariano Moreno to the puente Todos Santos will be artesans.  Borrero between Jaramillo and Calle Larga will have products from small businesses. The parque San Blas will house gastronomic and ancestral stuff.  The Puente Roto will also have an exhibit and sale of articles made by inmates at the CRS (jail). (I’m curious about what they’re making in jail.  I know it’s not license plates.)

A workshop  –  on neurology of small animals, basically pets, concluded today including the use of MRIs and tomographs for diagnosis and treatment. (This is one end of the animal care spectrum in Cuenca.  Then there’s the other end of the spectrum that makes you cry.)

Icemen – still work on the skirts of Chimborazo along the Ruta del Hielo (Ice route) cutting out blocks of ice to sell in the city.

Two institutions – dealing with historic and patrimonial areas are worried about how the “adoquines” (cobbles – your word for the day) are being removed said that it should be by hand.  The Coordinador of the Tranvía said that hand removal would take longer than the deadline allows.  Removal with retroexcavators saves 80% of the stones and small machines only save 60%. (I’m guessing the “coordinador” is the Project Manager.  Not an easy job.  Do it fast and do it by hand are pretty much incompatible in construction.)

Feria de la Quinuathis Fri in the Plazoleta de Santo Domingo. You can sample more than 15 dishes made with quinua.

Seat belts – drivers can be fined 15% of the basic salary or $54.90 if rear seat passengers don’t buckle up.  Drivers who don’t use their belts can be fined $18.30. ANT made this announcement after seeing rumors on social networks that the fine is $450.00.  (So don’t believe everything you see on your computer and where do all the taxis with no seat belts in the rear fit in? Or do cops just not give the taxi-mafistas tickets?)

Internacional – 

Brazil – A Supreme Court judge ordered starting paperwork on impeachment against Vicepresident Michel Temer.  There are similar orders to remove the president of the Chamber of Deputies and the president of the Senate from office.  (So who’s going to run the country?  In the US it’s Pres, VP then Speaker of the House, but who after that?)

Deportes –

“Bolívar Germán Armijos García 8k” – will be on 17/4 at 9:00.  Register for free on Facebook “Bolívar Armijos García” or on the day of the event in the Barrio La Campiña.

Festival Fundación de Cuenca 15K – will be run on 24/4 with starting times at 8:00 for youngsters, 8:40 for the disabled, and 9:00 for General y Relays/Teams.  Register until 17/4.  Cost:  $6.00 for children, disabled and seniors.  $12.00 for runners 16 and older.  There will be a drawing for three $5,000.00 prizes that runners who cross the finish line will be eligible to win. They expect about 10,000 runners.  (I think it starts at the stadium.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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