Mike’s Meats, the new deli in town

Jun 3, 2019 | 4 comments

Are you a meat lover and miss the juicy beef cuts you’re used to getting back home? Then there is good news for you here in Cuenca!

Last Saturday, Mike’s Meats opened to the public in a nicely decorated and perfectly located Deli offering American style meat cuts, wine, beers, delicatessen and produce.

The owner, Mike Roth, has been working on this project for quite some time. He spent more than a year looking for suppliers all around Ecuador to find the best quality meat with American style cutting and maturing. The cuts are organic (not certified) and no antibiotics or hormones are used. All the supply chain is closely monitored to offer top quality, fresh and safe products.

Mike is originally from San Francisco CA, where he used to work as a supplier of packing material for a wide variety of businesses ranging from high tech at Silicon Valley to food giants like Nestle.  He moved to Ecuador 6 years ago. After traveling around South America for a while he decided that Cuenca was the place where he wanted to sit tight. To put it in his words “Cuenca is the Shangri-La”

When asked about why he started Mike’s Meat business he responded:

“I retired at an early age, 48, so I decided to start a unique business with unknown products to Cuencanos and good meat, like the ones that you get in the USA, was lacking in Cuenca”.

A real American style deli with top premium cuts was his business idea. The concept he’s developing is to fuse an Italian Classical Deli with a European Jewish style Deli.  Something like blending the best Deli in San Francisco CA. with the best Deli in New York.

“Don’t give up, is my philosophy in life, I’m stubborn with my projects; I don’t stop till I get it done,”he said, as he told The Cuenca Dispatch about how difficult it was to find decent beef providers that meet USA standards in Ecuador.

As part of the process, all meat cuts are vacuum sealed at the slaughter house, delivered refrigerated to the store where the meat is matured for 2-4 weeks, cut to the final product, vacuum packed again and ready for sale. The process is lab checked for contaminants to guarantee a safe product and to avoid food poisoning.

Mike knows about the meat business and is determined to deliver a competitive reliable product. He has already started to make connections within the Cuenca community to give conferences and workshops about the meat industry and processing, to educate the community to value the correct maturing and processing of meats.

Mike’s Meat offers home delivery services, guarantees freshness and fast reliable delivery. They will soon offer a website where customers will be able to place orders online to be delivered to their homes.

Mikes Meats opens from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Saturday. It is located on the corner of the Parque De La Madre on 12 de Abril avenue and Fedrico Malo; right next to the military hospital on the 12 de Abril avenue.

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