Mining referendum reinstated in Girón, 500-meter hot dog served up, New airline hopes to break Latam, Tame monopoly in Cuenca

Mar 17, 2019

Sábado, 16/3/2019

Hola, Todos –
Actividades –

De la pagina cultural –

Books of the week – All are published by the Casa de la Cultura Núcleo Azuay
18 SCORPII: Aborigenes by Ernesto Carrión.
Los desamparados by Fernando Albán Rodas.
Páginas de mi vida by Rubén Darío Bravo.

Teatro – “El Vendedor” will be staged Saturday and Sunday a las 20:00 in El Prohibido Centro Cultural. Cost: $5.00.

Filme – A short film by Boris Ortega premiered Saturday in the Sala Alfonso Carrasco at the CCE. The story is set in Cuenca and is about Carlos who has lost his job, his house, but still has his dreams of recording a rap CD. Free.

Mining opponents gather at the site of the proposed Loma Larga mine near Girón.

Batalla de bandas – André Farra, Astoyaks, Dome Palma, Maniati and Michell Guzmán competed Saturday at the Selina Hotel. The winner will go on to compete against bands from other locations for a week in the Selina Medellín recording studios.

Feria de Emprendimiento – There will be an Entrepreneur Fair hoy y mañana de 10-17:00 in El Portal Artesanal (Bolívar y Huayna Cápac) to showcase products and services of the Venezuelan community in Cuenca.

El cuerpo del periodico –

Pawkar Raymi – There will be an ecological agricultural fair in Sígsig este domingo from 9-15:00 in the Casa Patrimonial in the San Sebastián community in Loma San Marcos in the canton of Sígsig. Some 300 growers will be participating and you can get chemical free tender grains, vegetables, fruits, and cooked foods.

Otras cosas –

Titular – El CNE desautoriza a juez y ordena consulta (The CNE overrules the judge and orders referendum) – Diana Atamaint, President of the CNE (Consejo Nacional Electoral) spoke about Judge Vicente Ribadeneira’s suspension of the mining referendum in Girón and said that in the electoral process, no agency outside of the CNE can intervene either directly or indirectly in the process which is proceeding normally. She pointed out that the judge’s action could be sanctioned with loss of his position.
An attorney for the Canadian company, INV Metals, which would operate the Loma Larga gold and silver mine, said if the referendum interrupted their operations, they would not rule out taking it to an international court, asking if anyone really thought an international arbitrator would say that 15,000 people could decide on an issue of national interest? He felt sure that damages awarded would be in the hundreds of million dollars <Canadian or US dollars?>, and the international image of the Ecuador among mining companies would suffer. After the CNE decision, a judge in another court ruled that Ribadeneira’s original order suspending the vote was inappropriate and that CNE acted properly.

Airlines and airport – For more than a year and half, Aeroregional has been negotiating the procedures to bring air service to Cuenca and break the duopoly currently held by Latam and Tame. There is also a delay in approving Avioandes’ application. Aeroregional is proposing one fare – $160.00 – for any seat, any day. The average fare in 2017 was between $230-260.00 on weekends, with the lowest fares around $130-$150. The hope is that Aeroregional can start operating in the 2nd week of abril, 2019. Avioandes will bring a 40 passenger turbo-prop Bombardier exclusively for service in Cuenca since regional service with short flights doesn’t justify the use of a large jet with its associated costs of maintenance. Avioandes would use the Bombardier to connect Cuenca with Guayaquil. The airline plans to fly between Cuenca and Guayaquil, Loja, Manta, Esmeraldas and Santa Rosa.

The airport itself needs to fly 450,000 passengers yearly, which it should achieve in 2022. At 550,000 passengers, Corpac (which runs the airport), can start enlarging the terminal. A new airport shouldn’t be built until there are 750,000 passengers.

500 m. “perro caliente” (hot dog) – There is a festival del Hot Dog más Grande de los Barrios de Cuenca today in the ciudadela El Cisne in the Monay sector at calles Porfilio Barba y Constancio Vigil. The Deleite Tradicional bakery is making the “bun” and the free dogs plus a juice will be ready to serve a las 12:00. <If that’s Cuenca time, better plan for a late lunch. You’ll have to bring your own sauerkraut, though.> Eduardo Jiménez, the organizer, also made the biggest brazo gitano and biggest mote pillo in the world in 2008.

And that´s all for today so Hasta la próxima semana –


Editor’s note: Jeanne’s Periodico is a translated digest of news from the Cuenca daily newspaper El Mercurio. If details, such as event dates and times, do not appear in the translation, they did not appear in the newspaper. The text between the carrots, or guillemets (< … >), is Jeanne’s personal opinion and not part of the news translation.

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