Moreno and Lasso meet as presidential transition begins; Economic recovery is impossible until Covid is contained; Child abuse cases are under-reported

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Lunes, 19/4/2021

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Facultad de Artes organiza cuatro talleres para adultos (Faculty of Arts organizes four workshops for adults) – The Arts Department of the U. of Cuenca is organizing 4 workshops on Zoom for seniors in the areas of painting, sculpture, photography and music (guitar, singing, percussion, piano, bass, flute and violin). The twice a week classes will start el 26/4 and run to 23/6. Organizers recommmend students have a camera and good internet connection. In addition to the workshops, the Art Department is organizing a photo club that will meet virtually on los martes y jueves from 8-9:30. Previous knowledge required <Like knowing how to operate a real camera and not just a phone?> To participate, fill out the form at

Taller de arte (Art workshop) – The Centro Cultural Municipal El Ángel (Casa de Chaguarchimbana) will have a workshop in practice, linework, painting, art, and drawing form 19-30/4 a las 14:30 for teens and adults. Email if you are interested.

Recital lírico (Lyrical recital) – There will be a recital by lyrical singers Vanesa Regalado, Natalie Rojas, y Álex Rodríguez el 21/4 a las 19:00 in the Catedral Vieja. There will be limited seating capacity, and the performance will be on Facebook Live. To attend on line, go to <Will this still be held given the new vehicular curfews?>

President-elect Guillermo Lasso met Monday with President Lenin Moreno as the presidential palace in Quito.

Día del Libro (Book Day) – There will be 2 events for the Día del Libro on 23/4. The first will be a las 11:00 in the old Escuela Cental with a talk about digital and printed formats. The second will be a las 15:00 in the Museo de Arte Moderno with traditional games for kids. <Like spin the bottle?>

Otras cosas –

Titular – 224 casos de agresiones a niños hubo en 11 meses (There were 224 cases of assaults on children in 11 months) – Data from the national Servicio de Protección Integral (SPI) showed 224 crimes of sexual violence against minors in Cuenca from octubre, 2019 to septiembre 2020. The Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana (CSC) of the city of Cuenca showed 400 such cases from agosto, 2019 to julio 2020; and the MInisterio de Educación reported 597 complaints about violence during the 2019-2020 school year of which 41.37% were about sexual violence. A psychologist said that this problem is under reported. An attorney said that the judicial system had not responded in an effective manner in cases about which she had knowledge. According to the Ministerio del Gobierno, over 83% of sexual aggression against women and children comes from within the circle close to them.

Ojo con la salud mental de los adultos mayores (Be careful with the mental health of the elderly) – Beyond physical complications, people undergo mental and behavioral changes when they age. Before, “Senile Dementia” was used to describe disorders including forgetfulness, hallucinations, and restricted social skills. <Sounds like Covid lockdown disorders. When it’s all over will we remember how to give abrazos?> Now these disorders are called “Neurodegenerative Disorders,” and include Alzheimers. For Patricio Lata, a social worker at a gerontological residential center, which houses about 40 seniors in a setting where they can age in an active and healthy manner, a fundamental aspect is the support of family. A clinical psychologist with MIES (Ministerio de Inclusión Económica y Social) said that it is necessary for families to get psycho-education to learn how to detect these neuro-cognitive illnesses. <Is there research to help families to moniter and support the elderly in their families remotely?>

En primer Cyberday del año participarán 40 marcas inscritas (40 registered brands to participate in first Cyberday of year) – The Cámara Ecuatoriana de Comercio Electrónico is organizing a Cyberday el 26 & 27/4 on So far, about 40 businesses selling home appliances, technology, services, tourism, mass consumption, and more products are registered. Interested businesses can apply at

Comienza la transición en Carondelet (The transition begins in Carondelet) – With the election results confirmed by the CNE, the transition has started with a meeting between outgoing Pres. Moreno and incoming Pres. Lasso and their teams. The debate among experts has also started with some saying that without managing the pandemic, there can be no economic recovery. That management would include vaccinations, testing and epidemiological containment. An economic analyst said that Lasso’s announcements of tax reform are premature. Reducing or eliminating the tax on salida de divisas (foreign exchange outflow) will be difficult since there is no replacement income stream for the $1.2 billion that tax generates. <Sounds like it’s still going to be a more orderly transition that the US got. Until someone tries to eliminate the gas subsidies.>

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