Moreno bashes big pharma’s profit motive, First six tram conductors hired, Bus driver shot

Sep 27, 2018

Moreno attacks pharmaceutical industry in UN speech

President Lenin Moreno called the policies of the world’s major drug makers “unjust, immoral and scandalous” in an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. “They are more interested in amassing great profits than helping cure diseases that afflict millions of people,” said, noting the trend to develop expensive drugs to combat rare diseases. “We are seeing an alarming resurgence of many terrible diseases, such as tuberculosis, because the pharmaceutical business is focused on generating greater and greater profits.” Moreno added that it is the role of the UN to pressure drug makers to refocus on combating widespread diseases the affect large populations of poor people.

First tram conductors hired

Cuenca’s tram system begins operations in 2019.

Five men and one woman are the first conductors hired to drive Cuenca’s new train system. The Tranvía Executive Committee and Metrotenerife, the Spanish company that will manage tram operations, said they expect to announce “many more” conductor hirings in the coming weeks. The first conductors are Andrea Chasi, Jorge Tamayo, José Molina, Rubén Ávila, Diego Castillo and Gerardo Cabrera, according to Metrotenerife. The group, along with other hires, will begin an intensive four-week training program in late October.

Three arrested following bus robbery near Santa Isabel

Three men were arrested Tuesday, charged with shooting the driver of Coopertiva Azuay bus and robbing passengers near the the Pucará exit of the Cuenca-Machala highway. According to police, the robbers boarded the bus as passengers and then assaulted the driver and confiscated personal belongings of passengers. The driver was treated for a gunshot to the leg at the Santa Isabel hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. Police say they recovered cell phones, cedulas and various other personal items allegedly stolen from the passengers by the suspects.

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