Moreno invites international agencies to monitor Ecuador’s fight against Correa-era corruption

Feb 19, 2019

Ecuador needs the world’s help in its fight against corruption, according to President Lenin Moreno. In his weekly address to the nation, the president said that he has invited the United Nations, Transparency International and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others, to serve as monitors of the government’s campaign against corruption.

President Lenin Moreno

“We need the eyes of the world to assist us in this effort and I have asked the Chancellor [for Foreign Affairs José Valencia] to initiate meetings, beginning on Tuesday, with these international organizations for the purpose of creating a commission that will provide oversight in our project,” Moreno said. “The commission will consist of organizations and people known for demonstrating honesty and reliability to help us build the foundation for a strong future.”

Moreno added that one objective of the commission will be to provide assistance in recovering hundreds of millions of dollars that he says were taken out of the country illegally, mostly during the presidency of former president Rafael Correa. “We need to repatriate the money that has been stolen and establish systems of accountability to prevent theft of public funds from happening in the future. To date, our efforts in this regard have not been sufficient and that is why we seek help from the international community.”

Moreno said his plan to involve outside authorities is essential for the legitimacy of the government campaign. “We have made progress in cleaning up the corruption,” he said, referring to the fact that former vice president Jorge Glas and his uncle Ricardo Rivera are serving prison sentences. “There are other criminals, former government officials, who have left the country and need to be brought back to justice. And then there is the issue of the money that remains to be recovered.”

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