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Moreno offers guarded support for high court’s gay marriage decision

President Lenin Moreno said Thursday that Ecuadorians should support the Constitutional Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage. In the same message, however, he echoed the sentiment of the Catholic church that parents have the right to protect their children against social influences they disagree with.

President Lenin Moreno

“I maintain my respect for what has been done by the Constitutional Court, which is made up of serious and honest judges,” Moreno said in a televised message. “It is our duty as citizens, and mine as president, to respect the decisions and functions of all state institutions.”

It was Moreno’s first comments on the court ruling.

On June 12, Ecuador’s recently appointed Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex marriages must be legally recognized by the country’s civil registry. In a five to four decision, judges agreed to accept the position of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which recognizes marriage between same -sex couples as a human right.

In his comments, Moreno said that parents have the right to raise children according to their personal and religious principles and that those principles should not be violated in the country’s schools.

13 thoughts on “Moreno offers guarded support for high court’s gay marriage decision

  1. “Guarded support”? Is that code words for someone without principles of their own who wants to see what position will get him/her the most votes?

    In a democracy, the formula for approval is pathetically simple. Just check the boxes..namely,
    Does the activity in question;
    1. directly prevent me from leading MY life the way I choose?
    2. directly interfere with government function.

    If you answered no..than the activity is ok under a democracy.
    If you answer must be outlawed.
    If you are wrong, go stand in the corner with the fascists, royalists, defunct communists, Taliban, ISIS, “flawed democracies” and BDSM clubs.

    1. how does BDSM affect your life or the government’s function ? are you scared that it might become compulsory ? lol

    2. Yes, demobcracy does prevent people, individuals, from leading themselves (aka anarchy). Not as completely as demobocrats would like & continue to aspire to, but gods (Hoppe’s title…) never fail – even in failure (they just get a bigger budget to throw at next year’s twist of the screw).

      I like Moreno cuz its so close to merino. The reign in spain falls mainly on the wool’s been pulled. And a lot of pulleds “grow up” to become pullers. Ain’t nobody in here but us pullets….

  2. Proudamerican, I’ve seen a few of your posts on this topic. As to your prediction, I certainly hope you are wrong in the short term, and I am confident you are wrong in the end. Its likely you cannot see the flaw in your thinking on this subject (the plank in your eye), nor the twisted reasoning of that collection of small-minded associates you refer to as the ‘church’, but its time your god – like he did Saul – knocks you off your metaphorical horse and shows you the light. In this case the light is the moral tolerance of the generation that is rising in power and influence, who have no use for your antiquated prejudice and cult behavior, and are casting off the trappings of homophobia. Kudos to them.

    1. Hear, hear! Well said, but where do you find the patience?

      Proudamerican is the guy that insists that homophobia isn’t even a word, yet when I went to the dictionary to find the word, I found a picture of proudamerican along with the definition.

    2. You should be commended for tearing apart this proudamerican trash in such a subtle manner>

    3. Perfect reply. Thank you for saying what the majority believes. Hard to believe that Trump has a base of 40%. A lot of bigots and racists and narcissists live in the world.

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