Moreno offers guarded support for high court’s gay marriage decision

Jun 21, 2019 | 11 comments

President Lenin Moreno said Thursday that Ecuadorians should support the Constitutional Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage. In the same message, however, he echoed the sentiment of the Catholic church that parents have the right to protect their children against social influences they disagree with.

President Lenin Moreno

“I maintain my respect for what has been done by the Constitutional Court, which is made up of serious and honest judges,” Moreno said in a televised message. “It is our duty as citizens, and mine as president, to respect the decisions and functions of all state institutions.”

It was Moreno’s first comments on the court ruling.

On June 12, Ecuador’s recently appointed Constitutional Court ruled that same-sex marriages must be legally recognized by the country’s civil registry. In a five to four decision, judges agreed to accept the position of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, which recognizes marriage between same -sex couples as a human right.

In his comments, Moreno said that parents have the right to raise children according to their personal and religious principles and that those principles should not be violated in the country’s schools.

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