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Moreno unveils plan for a coastal train

President Lenin Moreno announced Tuesday plans to build a coastal train system, connecting Guayaquil with Manta. Moreno made the announcement at a ceremony commemorating Guayaquil’s independence.

The new train route will connect Guayaquil with Manta.

“The project has two purposes,” the president said. “It will encourage tourism in the region and provide modern, reliable transportation for residents.” He added that the train will also have the objective of promoting art, culture and gastronomy and fishing and said it would help boost local festivals along the route.

Among the towns and cities that will be served by the rail line are Daule, Nobol, Guayaquil , Posorja, Playas and Engabao in Guayas Province; Engunga, Chanduy, Atahualpa, Anconcito, Salinas, La Libertad, Punta Blanca, San Pablo, Monteverde, Ayangue, Valdivia, Manglaralto, Montañita, Olón and La Rinconada in Santa Elena Province; and Ayampe, Salango, Puerto Lopez, Los Frailes, Machalilla, Puerto Cayo, Tanusas, San Jose, San Lorenzo, San Mateo, Tarqui and Manta in Manabi Province.

Moreno said that planning for the train will begin by the end of the year. He did not provide a projected completion date.