Municipal council considers ordinance to reduce the use of plastic

Jun 17, 2019 | 28 comments

Cuenca Councilmen Cristian Zamora and Andrés Ugalde are developing legislation to regulate and reduce the use of plastic in Cuenca. A draft of the proposal was sent to the council’s Environment Commission and the mayor’s office last week.

Non-reuseable plastic bottles are a target of the proposed city ordinance.

“We are considering a number of rules to control plastic pollution and have several specific targets in mind,” Ugalde says. “One of these is to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic bags and containers.”

Zamora and Ugalde want to enlist the help of experts at the Universities of Cuenca and Azuay to help formulate new regulations. “We understand that changes must be made incrementally due to the prevalence of plastic in our culture but we also understand the harm it is doing to our environment and to human health,” Zamora says.

One option the two councilmen are considering is requiring that shoppers provide their own reuseable bags at grocery and department stores. “This is common practice in Europe and we see no reason it could not be implemented here,” says Ugalde.

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